TSW: Love And Origami

July 16, 2014


So, updates for The Secret World, which is pretty much the only MMO I’ve been playing these days. It’s been a pretty hectic summer, and gaming time is at a premium! Regular Secret Mondays are still going on, even though thanks to a severe thunderstorm earlier this week my power went out and we had to reschedule TSW night for Tuesday. Hence, this post.

Oh man, I was so excited. In this newest “Side Stories” content update is an investigation quest involving origami. Naturally, I broke out all my origami paper in preparation. But really, I’m horrible at origami. My husband’s actually the origami nerd in the family, which is why we have all these books and packs of pretty paper just sitting around.

If you’ve read my fellow Secret Monday-er Syp’s post, you’ll see that questgiver Gozen’s reasons for sending us on this wild origami goose chase around filth-infested Tokyo are pretty questionable. But hey, chalk it up to her being sentimental and a romantic.

My husband and I along with our TSW regulars Syp and Tententacles went around solving these origami riddles, while Ocho — who had already done this quest — oversaw us all, prepared to jump in to save us if we happened to get stuck. Luckily, that wasn’t necessary. We completed the quest without any major snags, though it was mainly due to sheer dumb luck more than anything.

I gotta admit, the quest was a bit anti-climatic. And we didn’t get to do as much origami as I was led to believe. I think the quest technically calls for it, making you recreate the writing on the paper from the game and folding it into figure it required to read the full message. But if you ask me, doing so would be making it ten times more complicated and less efficient for yourself. What we mostly ended up doing was punching the Kanji characters into Google translate, pulling out keywords and running with it. Hey, whatever works.

I was with Syp on this though — there was no way I was going to end the night without doing origami, dammit! Secret Monday momentarily became Arts & Crafts Monday as we took to the in-game origami book with all the instructions for making various origami figures.

Behold, my sad attempts. My butterfly wings ended up a bit lopsided, and there’s a gaping rip at the bottom of my tulip (artfully hidden in the photo). Well, at least my kid will take great delight in playing with them while destroying them in the process.





  1. Overhearing, I was astounded by a couple of (correct) leaps you guys were making, though.

    FYI to anyone reading this comment: SPOILERS

    On the first part, I did the same thing you guys did. Just translated “North” and “bench” and “shore” and ran with it. The second part, “Gimpachi Park” and “cherry tree” and “flowers” (I think) ended up being easy, too. Third part, not sure how you guys got the Pachinko parlor. For me, it took creating the butterfly (a few times, to make sure I had the right direction), and seeing two of the phrases align together to literally translate to “pachinko”. Finally, the tulip, seeing what I did on the previous one, I made a tulip and then drew on the finished tulip like the image. When unfolded, the text lined up, suggesting that the girl ran off to the US to join the Morninglight. (translations of “morning” “light” and “United States” came up). Took a leap for the “wash” part to head to the bathhouse, myself. Only checked back in Tokyo after checking KM’s Morninglight camp and the cabin in Trans, too, just in case.

    • Checking my app’s history, final line I translated to (something like) “The light of the morning will wash away my pain.” and then another symbol specific to the US. So, ending up at the Tokyo bathhouse took me a while.

  2. I recently got back into TSW and I’ve been playing with an old RP partner over on Arcadia. I still have frustrating moments with the game and its love for solo instances, but having a friend there in party chat with me helps this at least. 🙂 Still love the wardrobe system, still wish we could dye our gear. ❤

    Nice folding!

  3. I can see a spin off blog forming here: “Origami Gamer Chick’

    I really like the blue butterfly…will try and find it [pattern] and make one for my boys..they have just entered the fascinated by paper plane mode! An origami butterfly may send them wild!

  4. […] Mogsy and Syp have long posted their write-ups on the evening so I won’t rehash a lot of that. I agree with them that the amount of translation quests recently is getting to be a little much, and that Gozen’s pretense for sending us faithful bees on this quests was a little flimsy. All that said, I did have fun. […]

  5. Sorry for necro-commenting, but I thought this was pretty cool. Hope all is well with you!

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