A Scheduled Return To WoW…

August 25, 2014
There's always something to work towards...

There’s always something to work towards…

Ever since the announcement of the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor expansion release date, I’ve joined the trickle of players returning to the game.

Actually, I’d planned on resubbing around the first week of September, but then I didn’t see the reason to wait anymore. I’ve been pretty busy this summer so I’ve only been really playing one MMO off and on, that game being The Secret World. And the truth is, content there has pretty much dried up despite the TSW Monday crew trying to stretch out Issue 9 and the Side Stories quests as long as we could.

So until more of Tokyo opens up, you’ll find me in Azeroth.

So, what am I doing in WoW these days? Well, mostly relearning how to play my characters, which is par for the course every time I take a protracted leave of absence from the game. There are also still a few alt stragglers languishing around level 70-80 that I’m hoping to bring to 90 before deciding which class I’ll take first into the new expansion.

And of course, each time I come back, I can also count on Blizzard having added a whole slew of new battle pets to their menagerie. The urge to nab what I can for my collection is pretty much a knee jerk reaction by now (481 unique pets and counting)!


  1. I haven’t decided if am returning at any point yet. There is the allure, for sure, but it hasn’t captured me completely yet.

    • WoD looks interesting. I play WoW off and on throughout the year, a few months there and then a few months break, rinse and repeat, but in general I return for every expansion to check things out.

  2. For the first time in a long time this expansion holds 0 interest for me. I struggled with MoP about 88+ became bored in the questing and without my guild solo play got a little repetitive.

    Ill watch with interest at what numbers they get on release – one or two of my rl friends are interested in returning but the vast majority said “I’ve seen enough orcs thanks.”.

    also the box cost is too much 55 freaking USD that is stonkingly redunkulous !!

    • It’s much harder to get into any game when there’s no one to hang out with. I’m lucky I’ve got a pretty solid guild, there are people who have been playing for years so I can always depend on a few regulars to be around any time.

      And the prices in NZ strike again! But then hey, I’m shelling out the big bucks for the collector’s edition so I’m not the best to judge 😛

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