WoW: We Are Legendary

October 10, 2014

legendary cloak

The legendary cloak wasn’t something I expected ever to get, but at the beginning of September when I resubbed to World of Warcraft I saw that things for the quest chain were in full swing. With a game-wide buff Gaze of the Black Prince increasing rep gain and drop rate for the raid items you need, I figured there’s no harm in trying for it – and there’s no time like the present. I’m also grateful for Tententacles for also going for the legendary cloak chain, because without him doing it too, I honestly don’t think I would have been as motivated!

So, seven weeks or so later (I did get lucky these last couple of weeks with Titan Runestones), I finally got my cloak on my Monk. And just in time too, with the prepatch for the next expansion said to drop next Tuesday, and apparently the quest chain will go away. If you’re still thinking of going for the cloak, this may be your last chance to start, because starting Tuesday next week it might not be possible to get the first quest anymore.

But if you’re in the middle of the chain, it’s not too late. I’m in that boat too, as I’ve actually begun work on the legendary cloak on another character, my Druid. She’s been my main forever, and even though I’ve been playing my Monk a lot more recently, my emotional attachment to the Druid is just too strong to not try for the legendary cloak with her too. When the patch drops, they’re removing the valor grind requirement section of the quest, which was by far the most aggravating and longest part anyway, and there’s a good chance to finish before or around the time Warlords of Draenor is released. Sure, a few weeks into the expansion and the cloak will probably be obsolete, but for completionists, it’s still an impressive achievement and a nice memento to have.



  1. Pretty sure they upped the Titan Runestone drop rate by a lot 🙂 Even so, there’s not much time. I got this on one toon and cannot be bothered to do it again 😛

    • The Titan Runestone drop rate must have been upped, which makes me wonder with dread what the drop rate was like before the buff! I got lucky, but my friend and my husband both couldn’t finish in two weeks, they have to wait until next week to get their last two titans.

  2. Its funny how my druid had been my main before the release of monks as well. Similarly, I got my first legendary cloak on my monk as well. I’m not sure if i’ll be as motivated to get it on my druid.

    • I don’t know if I would have bothered if I hadn’t seen that my druid had already passed the valor grind before I unsubbed many months ago, so I figured I would go for it with her too. And now I’m on the titan runestone stage 🙂

      • unfortunately, I can’t always pay for a subscription :/

  3. The chain won’t actually go away until WoD release on Nov. 13, but after Oct. 14 one won’t be able to start the chain (or likely even finish if, even if one could start it.)

    • That’s what I’ve heard, you put it a lot better though 🙂 Chain’s definitely going to still be there, that’s why I have hope I’ll finish it on my druid.

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