Battle Bards Episode 39: Jigs and Shanties

November 18, 2014

Battle Bards

A new episode of Battle Bards is up!

It’s going to be impossible to keep from tapping your toes during this one. This week, Syp, Syl and I bust out all manner of lively jigs and shanties for the enjoyment of all, and even their past feuds are set aside to dosey-do in front of the tavern fireplace.  We also tick off accordion players across the globe.


Sea shanty

Episode 39 show notes
  • Intro (featuring “Caribbean Port” from Pirates of the Burning Sea and “Player Owned Ports Ahoy!” from RuneScape)
  • “Sea Shanty 2” from RuneScape
  • “Seaside” from Free Realms
  • “Cool Ranch Tavern Theme” from Pirate101
  • “Bash the Dragon” from Guild Wars 2
  • “Rum” from Monarch: Heroes of a New Age
  • “Tavernenlied” from Drakensang
  • “Pirate 3” from DDO
  • Which one did we like best?
  • Mail from Cindy
  • Outro (“A Tavern Far Away” from DDO)

One comment

  1. To be all yucky and technical. A jig is usually in compound time (3/4 or 6/8) which gives it that diddly, diddly feel. Shanties usually work on a solo and refrain system and are about work (bleeurrgh) also they are in compound time and most Sea- Shantie writers swear by the 6/8 time signature. Then there are other types of folk music that have roots in dances (mostly of a celtic influence) that you guys are referring too. Reels, strathspey. These have different time signatures also. The strathspey has a very staccato like feel to it whilst Reels tend to be smoother moving across different key signatures and such. And yes Romeo is rambling and probably talking bollocks now. But yes, I really enjoyed this and not having played a lot (if any) MMO’s it really makes me want to get involved. You cant beat a bit folk music. Especially Folk Metal! 🙂

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