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Battle Bards Episode 48: Back To The 90s (…And Also Back To This Blog!)

March 31, 2015

Battle Bards

A new episode of Battle Bards is up!

I know, I know, it seems I’ve missed a few Battle Bards updates here. Not to mention I’ve not had any other new content here for months. Our family welcomed a new baby at the end of January and things have been pretty busy since. Between taking care of a newborn plus my rambunctious three-year-old, along with my book reviews and other stuff I have to take care of around the place, I’ve been too busy to do much gaming and blogging about it, and so the posts here have kind of dried up.

Can’t promise anything, but I do hope to be more active on here again once things calm down.

But anyway, back to the Battle Bards episode. I’ve been taking a break from the show due to the arrival of our little one, but Syp and Syl and the show guests have been doing great! Fear not though, I will be back to the doing Battle Bards shows again soon.

This week’s episode is Back to the 90s! Did you know that the Battle Bards have a time machine? Well they do, and this week they’re setting it all the way back to the 1990s! With the help of guest host Scott (Ramblings of a MMO Gamer Guy), the crew examines music from an oft-overlooked era of MMO gaming (and soundtracks). Just because it’s older doesn’t mean it’s ancient!


Episode 48 show notes
  • Intro (featuring “Main Theme” from Neverwinter Nights AOL and “Excalibur” from Asheron’s Call)
  • “Bard Guild” from EverQuest
  • “Dungeon” from The Realm Online
  • “Minoc” from Ultima Online
  • “Main Theme” from Nexus
  • “Neriak” from EverQuest
  • “Main Theme” from Meridian 59
  • “Nebula” from Rubies of Eventide
  • What did we like the best?
  • Mail From Tadamichi (Quiet Life and In Memories)
  • Outro (featuring “Age of Heroes” from Dark Sun Online)