Battle Bards Episode 49: Rift

April 14, 2015

Battle Bards

A new episode of Battle Bards is up!

I’m also back on the show after my two-month hiatus. It’s good to be recording again! This week, we talk the music of Rift. While the Bards may have a positive past with the game, our reaction to the score is a rocky ride indeed. What treasures and traps will they pull out of this music? Find out!



Episode 49 show notes
    • Intro (featuring “Defiant Theme” and “Iron Pine Peak”)
    • “Main Theme”
    • “Moonshade Highlands”
    • “Scarlet Gorge”
    • “Silverwood”
    • “Shimmersand”
    • “Atagarian Well”
    • “Stonefield”


  • What did we like best?


  • Mail from Josh
  • Outro (featuring “Siren Song”)

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