Battle Bards Episode 51: Vindictus

May 19, 2015

Battle Bards


A new episode of Battle Bards is up!

Feel the power! Feel the burn! Feel the…Vindictus!
When a game is made up of insane frantic combat, what will its score sound like? The Battle Bards are keen to find out with their journey through this particular game’s soundtrack. It’s wild, it’s bombastic, and it’s (as always) divisive!
Episode 51 show notes
  • Intro (featuring “Ancient Dragon” and “Malina”)
  • “Crom Crauch”
  • “Keaghan”
  • “Main Theme”
  • “White Whale Inn”
  • “Craftsman Colru”
  • “PvP Theme”
  • “Succubus Queen/The Siren of Slaughter”
  • Which one did we like best?
  • Outro (featuring “Grim Reaper”)


  1. Yay Vindictus! Yes, it’s very different from Mabinogi but at least the lore is the same. šŸ˜› Just wanted to point out that yes, having the epic percussion tracks one after the other would get tiring but that isn’t how it is in game.

    In fact you only get music when you reach a boss which means the rest of the level you spent running / fighting there is absolutely silent music wise. It works well that way because when you hear the tracks start up you know it’s time to get your game face on.

    Some other tracks in Vindictus you might enjoy:
    Colhen Inn – Seanna
    Pvp_p05 (pvp beach fight)

    And one to break your ears:
    Bark-Mk1 (you’re fighting a living train >.<)

    • Sweet! Thanks so much for your input, I’ll pass on your message to my fellow bards šŸ™‚

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