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Battle Bards Episode 50: Fan Covers

May 5, 2015

Battle Bards


A new episode of Battle Bards is up!

Can you believe it’s 50 episodes already? How better to celebrate than to look to the MMO music and fan community for inspiration? What we found were dozens of talented and interesting covers of some of our favorite game soundtracks! Celebrate with me, Syp and Syl as we give props to those who love MMO tunes as much as we do!


Episode 50 show notes

Art Post: White Knight

December 6, 2012

I mentioned November was a busy time for art commissions, so I just wanted to take a moment and share here one of the projects I had worked on since the recipient also happens to be a fellow gamer/blog buddy of mine.

Rer, whom some of you might know from, first approached me with an idea of a pencils-on-art-board drawing as a gift for his girlfriend, which I was happy to accommodate. So much of the envisioned concept involved symbolism in this piece, and I must say I had some fun with the challenge of working those ideas in along with everything else requested in the detailed specifications he provided me.

White Knight

White Knight – pre-cleanup

Special thanks to Rer for giving me permission to post this; I don’t often get the go-ahead to pimp my commissioned stuff. And of course, he was also a pleasure to work with.


The Secret World Fan Art: My Grayscale Templar

August 7, 2012

Recently, time constraints and the need to finish some commissions have inevitably made doing art feel more like work than a hobby. An unfortunate side effect is that it has been a while since I did anything for myself. However, inspiration struck this morning, which resulted in this quick sketch of Tamerlaine “Laeyn” Berard, my Templar character from The Secret World.

I have a box of Prismacolor cool grey markers that I have been obsessed with playing around with lately. While I do own several color sets, I actually thought the grayscale ended up working out well for this piece.

Pen and Inks, Markers


SWTOR On My Wall

June 4, 2012

Every year, spring cleaning leaves me with a dilemma of what to do with my old graphic tees that don’t fit anymore or that are so threadbare that I’d never wear them again. It’s hard to bring myself to get rid of them, because usually I love the design, or it’s the shirt itself that holds sentimental value.

Last year I played the Star Wars: The Old Republic demo on both days of PAX East, scoring myself some free swag which included a SWTOR shirt on each day. On one of those days, my husband was with me so he received a shirt as well, which he promptly unloaded on me. On another day, a nice fan I met also gave me his tee. The point is, at the end of the weekend I found myself burdened with four SWTOR T-shirts, all of which fit like a tent on me, of course. You never ever find anyone giving out fitted tees or even size S at these things.

That’s the trouble with free shirts. As swag, they’re awesome, but when it comes to being worn, they’re often not very well made, they’re hardly ever the right fit, and — well, let’s face it — very rarely something you’d want to wear out in public anyway. I’ve worn my SWTOR shirts maybe…twice? Both times for cutting grass, I’m sure.

I couldn’t bring myself to throw out my tents — er, shirts — or give them away, so this weekend I laid a couple of them out and stapled the crap out of them over wooden frames made from canvas stretcher bars. The Republic shirt gave me a bit of trouble; the main thing was to get it nice and evenly stretched out so I didn’t end up with a egg-shaped symbol (harder than it sounds when you’re trying to do this all alone and with a too-large staple gun taking up one hand!) I kinda like what I ended up with. I can actually keep the shirts now, and at least they’ll see the light of day rather than lie crumpled and forgotten at the bottom of my dresser drawer.

They’ll be joining the other gaming/geek posters on the walls of our “Gamer Cave” soon. That’s just like a man cave…except that, you know, I use it too.


Art Post: Rer The Blood Elf Death Knight

November 16, 2010

I don’t normally post artwork that has been commissioned, but this time I had the pleasure of working with Rer of, who is such a cool guy and gave me his permission!

Rer the Blood Elf Death Knight

The request came soon after I posted the full version of my old banner, when he asked for a portrait of his World of Warcraft Blood Elf Death Knight done in a similar style. Here are a few excerpts from the awesomely detailed description with which I was provided (again, with special thanks to Rer):

…the motif of the picture is Frost/Ice.  My Death Knight, Rer, should end up with a very stoic posture and demeanor, almost statue-like…

Helmet off, arms crossed, and otherwise standing stoic…if possible I’d rather not have the legs right next to each other…yet not slacking off either.

The great-sword would be implanted in the snow next to me, past the point of where it opens at the end. So only the solid “shaft” if you will of the sword, and then up to the hilt, would show.  Height-wise I would say somewhere to at least Rer’s belt would be preferred…

To add to the effect of being a “Frost” Death Knight…it might be cool to have icicles forming on both the weapon, the armor…

As you can see, I was given ample room to play around with this, but thanks to Rer’s descriptions I was also able to approach this drawing with a very clear and strong sense of what was required. I would have loved to do more, especially with the background, until it dawned on me how impossible it would have been to pull it off without making the entire thing look like a cluttered mess. And that’s why I can always appreciate detailed guidelines!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the drawing as much as I enjoyed working on it! This project was quite an unexpected treat as I hadn’t had the chance to go back to penciling in a while, so it was a wonderful feeling to get to do it again.

Old Art – Bye Bye Banner

October 21, 2010

I’ve replaced the old header on my site because I was getting tired of looking at it. That and it was old. Now that I’ve retired the image, I thought I’d post the original full version. You can see the Burning Crusade era gear the warlock’s wearing — the old Frozen Shadoweave Robes and the PVP staff — which just looks weird to me now. But it still holds a special place in my heart because it served the blog well, and because it was also probably one of the first World of Warcraft comic board pieces I ever did.


Fan Art Fun: Losing My Digital Art Virginity To A Vulcan

September 30, 2010

I think I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m more of a traditional artist; it just doesn’t feel right if my fingers aren’t stained with paint, ink, charcoal or what-have-you by the end of the day. I’ve involved computers in my art before, but only in very limited ways — tweaking, cleaning up lines, or doing the odd coloring job, etc. — and only after I’ve completed a piece by hand and scanned it in. But last week, I had a conversation with Rowan that made me consider seriously taking the plunge into digital art.

I’ve always envied what digital illustrators can do and had wanted to try it for myself, but I’ve put it off because I am a complete moron with these art-oriented software programs and I was also always too busy. But earlier this week, I promised myself I was going to suck it up and do some research. I got a friend of mine to hook me up with Corel Painter 11 and maybe this weekend I’ll go to the bookstore to buy some tutorials on the subject.

I can’t ever hold myself back from fiddling with a new application though, so in the meantime I decided set up a small canvas to play around a bit, test things out a little on the Wacom tablet. Well, what started as just a short test resulted in this. I sometimes like to draw my MMO characters whenever I practice with a new medium, so yes, that’s T’Androma, my main from Star Trek Online.

There you go, my first ever attempt at a piece of art created 100% completely on a computer. My first small step into the world of digital drawing!

Thoughts for my Art Journal: It was pretty awkward and the results weren’t exactly as I wanted. Because I didn’t know any better, I did the entire thing on a “pencil” setting; otherwise, I hadn’t intended the lines to look so harsh in the hair, the shirt, etc. There were so many other effects and things I wanted to do to get the look I wanted, and even after several (fruitless) web searches I still had not a flipping clue where any of the myriad options were or how anything worked. I am utterly hopeless when it comes to all this technical stuff. The ironic thing is that even with all these possibilities within my grasp, I’ve never felt so powerless when doing art before. That’s where the tutorials will come in handy, I’m sure.

I was also limited by a stubborn part of me that still wanted to treat the whole thing like a traditional drawing, just putting down lines and shapes onto the blank space I was given, not bothering with layers or any other features that I’m sure would have made my life easier. Old habits die hard, I guess.

It certainly felt weird working completely on the tablet. Some things were similar, others completely different. The stylus is designed to be very sensitive to my every movement, but compared to holding an actual pencil or paintbrush, it still felt infuriatingly clumsy. The whole experience also felt “sterile” to me, something I can’t really explain. I found a lot of things I liked, though. If this were painting, digital art would save me the trouble of mixing my own colors, which always takes a lot of work to get just right when you’re doing it manually with actual paints. I also loved being able to move my hands all over the surface without worrying about smudging anything. And finally, fixing any mistakes is a cinch. Though every time I erased something, I would get this urge to blow on the surface of the tablet.

Regardless, clueless as I was, I’m glad I took the time to play with it. Being mostly self-taught, this was just another learning experience to see if I could problem-solve my way out of obstacles. I can hardly wait to get a book so I find my way around Corel Painter to access more tools, and practice with bigger canvases, wider shots, full bodies and environments.