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All My Games Are “Casual”

May 6, 2013

NW horse

Here are the MMOs I’m currently playing:

  • quite a bit of Neverwinter
  • some World of Warcraft
  • a little Defiance
  • weekly dose of The Secret World
  • a light smattering of Rift

I used to tell myself I’m a horrible juggler and that trying to play a whole bunch of games at once never works out. Indeed, given the choice I’d prefer to be able to give an MMO my full attention, do things like reach level cap, explore the entire world, finish “everything” before moving on. The “hardcore completionist” way of doing things has always been a better match for my own personality and play style.

But since the year started, game time for me has pretty much been reduced to about 2-3 hours a night on weekdays and I’ve long come to the realization that doing “The One Game” thing isn’t going to fly anymore, especially with so many new releases that look so fun and amazing, and many older titles I still want to stick with. So…unless I win the lottery or learn how to bend time: A limited gaming schedule + MUST PLAY ALL TEH GAMEZ = everything I play must become “casual”.

The great thing is the majority of MMOs on my list now are subscription-less, and are completely adaptable to my current schedule. TSW Mondays are enough for me to do grab enough AP/SP to advance each week, and I’ve always thought Defiance is the perfect game to jump in and out of if you only have an hour or less of free time. Even in WoW, the one MMO in which I’m participating in even a semblance of an endgame, is now a lot more suitable for the more casual player; through LFR I’m still able to raid and not have the encounter take up my whole night.

It does mean I don’t get to play as much of one game as I’d like each week, but on the other hand I get to experience everything I want to — remember how I almost gave Neverwinter a pass, and looking back now I see what a shame that would have been. I’m glad I didn’t; it’s been a lot of fun so far. Cramming it into an already full gaming schedule felt like a crazy thing to do, but it was totally worth it.


Off-Duty and Restless

March 7, 2010

Apparently, I’m still leveling much too quickly in Star Trek Online. I find myself grounded once again, waiting for my husband to catch up to me and reach the rank of Captain. Not content to sit on my hands so soon after getting a new ship, I’ve decided to keep playing but make a conscious effort to adhere only to activities that will not gain me any experience. Well, in doing so, I’ve discovered what this game lacks is stuff to do on your “off time”.

Have you ever logged into an MMO not feeling up to doing anything really productive? Where you just want to relax and do something light that won’t take much effort or concentration? That’s what I like to call my off time, where I pop in a movie and find something casual to do in game while I chat with my friends and guildmates. For example, in World of Warcraft I’d be making my way to the the Wetlands to try my luck at farming for the elusive crimson whelpling. In Age of Conan, I’d be looking for ways to be a contributing member of the guild by participating in gaining renown through crafting and gathering. In Lord of the Rings Online, I’d be off buying nice things to decorate my hobbit house.

Finding these fun, frivolous things to do in STO is a little more challenging, however. What’s there to do other than fighting and leveling? The crafting system feels empty and provides little motivation for me to farm anomalous data. I find anything to do with PvP stressful and deeply excruciating, and even if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to do it without gaining experience. I guess I could always start a new alt, though I’ve become quite attached to T’Androma to the point where playing another character would feel a little strange. Needless to say, I’m at a complete loss when it comes to finding ways to spend my off time in this game. Am I simply just not being creative enough? In any case, I’m certainly open to any suggestions.