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The Secret World Fan Art: My Grayscale Templar

August 7, 2012

Recently, time constraints and the need to finish some commissions have inevitably made doing art feel more like work than a hobby. An unfortunate side effect is that it has been a while since I did anything for myself. However, inspiration struck this morning, which resulted in this quick sketch of Tamerlaine “Laeyn” Berard, my Templar character from The Secret World.

I have a box of Prismacolor cool grey markers that I have been obsessed with playing around with lately. While I do own several color sets, I actually thought the grayscale ended up working out well for this piece.

Pen and Inks, Markers


Old Art – Bye Bye Banner

October 21, 2010

I’ve replaced the old header on my site because I was getting tired of looking at it. That and it was old. Now that I’ve retired the image, I thought I’d post the original full version. You can see the Burning Crusade era gear the warlock’s wearing — the old Frozen Shadoweave Robes and the PVP staff — which just looks weird to me now. But it still holds a special place in my heart because it served the blog well, and because it was also probably one of the first World of Warcraft comic board pieces I ever did.


Fan Art Fun: Losing My Digital Art Virginity To A Vulcan

September 30, 2010

I think I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m more of a traditional artist; it just doesn’t feel right if my fingers aren’t stained with paint, ink, charcoal or what-have-you by the end of the day. I’ve involved computers in my art before, but only in very limited ways — tweaking, cleaning up lines, or doing the odd coloring job, etc. — and only after I’ve completed a piece by hand and scanned it in. But last week, I had a conversation with Rowan that made me consider seriously taking the plunge into digital art.

I’ve always envied what digital illustrators can do and had wanted to try it for myself, but I’ve put it off because I am a complete moron with these art-oriented software programs and I was also always too busy. But earlier this week, I promised myself I was going to suck it up and do some research. I got a friend of mine to hook me up with Corel Painter 11 and maybe this weekend I’ll go to the bookstore to buy some tutorials on the subject.

I can’t ever hold myself back from fiddling with a new application though, so in the meantime I decided set up a small canvas to play around a bit, test things out a little on the Wacom tablet. Well, what started as just a short test resulted in this. I sometimes like to draw my MMO characters whenever I practice with a new medium, so yes, that’s T’Androma, my main from Star Trek Online.

There you go, my first ever attempt at a piece of art created 100% completely on a computer. My first small step into the world of digital drawing!

Thoughts for my Art Journal: It was pretty awkward and the results weren’t exactly as I wanted. Because I didn’t know any better, I did the entire thing on a “pencil” setting; otherwise, I hadn’t intended the lines to look so harsh in the hair, the shirt, etc. There were so many other effects and things I wanted to do to get the look I wanted, and even after several (fruitless) web searches I still had not a flipping clue where any of the myriad options were or how anything worked. I am utterly hopeless when it comes to all this technical stuff. The ironic thing is that even with all these possibilities within my grasp, I’ve never felt so powerless when doing art before. That’s where the tutorials will come in handy, I’m sure.

I was also limited by a stubborn part of me that still wanted to treat the whole thing like a traditional drawing, just putting down lines and shapes onto the blank space I was given, not bothering with layers or any other features that I’m sure would have made my life easier. Old habits die hard, I guess.

It certainly felt weird working completely on the tablet. Some things were similar, others completely different. The stylus is designed to be very sensitive to my every movement, but compared to holding an actual pencil or paintbrush, it still felt infuriatingly clumsy. The whole experience also felt “sterile” to me, something I can’t really explain. I found a lot of things I liked, though. If this were painting, digital art would save me the trouble of mixing my own colors, which always takes a lot of work to get just right when you’re doing it manually with actual paints. I also loved being able to move my hands all over the surface without worrying about smudging anything. And finally, fixing any mistakes is a cinch. Though every time I erased something, I would get this urge to blow on the surface of the tablet.

Regardless, clueless as I was, I’m glad I took the time to play with it. Being mostly self-taught, this was just another learning experience to see if I could problem-solve my way out of obstacles. I can hardly wait to get a book so I find my way around Corel Painter to access more tools, and practice with bigger canvases, wider shots, full bodies and environments.


My Stab At Guild Wars Fan Art: A Sylvari

September 19, 2010

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from an acquaintance asking if I could do a drawing for him of a female sylvari, as in the botanical humanoids encountered in Guild Wars Eye of the North and Guild Wars 2.

Problem was, I know little about the Sylvari beyond a couple pieces of concept art I’ve stumbled across and from what I’ve read in the novel Ghosts of Ascalon which features a sylvari necromancer named Killeen. However, the guy told me not to worry; he wasn’t looking for anything extravagant or overly detailed. In his words, just a nice sketch of something “simple and elegant” will suffice.

Anyway, I was munching on some seedless grapes the other day, and was suddenly inspired by a fleeting image in my head of a girl with hair adorned with grapevines and leaves. I grabbed a 0.5 black pigment pen and an art marker, and quickly sketched my idea of a sylvari. In a few hours, this was the result.

The size of the paper was too big for the scanner so I had take a photo of it instead, on an overcast afternoon when the light had already shifted, hence I apologize for the poor quality of the image.


STO Fan Art: T’Androma And Sleer

April 12, 2010

Well, I said I wanted to do something Star Trek Online related and I did.

This piece took me a couple days, and originally started out with just T’Andy. But then I remembered what I had written for my crew bio for her dashing First Officer Mr. Sleer:

Wherever T’Androma goes, he goes, no exceptions. That means, when she’s solving a mystery on a spacedock, Sleer is there. When she’s scanning for anomalies on an alien world, Sleer is there. And when she’s running head on and screaming at the top of her lungs into a group of hostile Klingons, Braveheart style — yep, you got it. Sleer is there.

Okay, you get the point. Sleer is always there, so it only goes to follow that I must include him in the drawing as well. Of course, if you ask my husband, he’ll tell you this is just another way for me to indulge in my Spock fetish, an allegation I will neither confirm nor deny.

Anyway, here it is. And yes, I’m aware that Sleer’s medical tricorder looks like a Nintendo DS. You caught him — he’s not healing his captain, he’s playing Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

As usual, click to enlarge.


Another Fan Art Piece

April 8, 2010

Recently, I wrapped up a long-term art project that I had been working on for months. Its completion is going to give me time to do a little of my own stuff, at least until the client decides to saddle me with another big commission anyway. I want to take this opportunity to get working on something featuring my Star Trek Online character T’Androma and maybe a few members of her crew. A proper pin-up piece this time, not just a few random sketches. I might not be able to write great fan-fiction like other bloggers, but I have other creative outlets!

Anyway, I do this after every project: go through my stuff and gather up anything that needs to be scanned so I can do it all in one big go. In doing so, I came across another MMO-related drawing that I had lying around (which needed a re-scan), and I thought I would share here.

This is my World of Warcraft druid Caylinn, and it was done in early fall of last year, right around the time I stopped playing the game. We had been raiding Ulduar and had just started doing a little of Trial of the Crusader. I posed her with Journey’s End, which I ascertained was the coolest looking staff in the game even though there were better ones out there stat-wise. Of course, armor in WoW is always about looking ridiculously huge and awesome, and not about being realistic or practical. The damn Tier 9 model for the spaulders in the druid armor set is no exception. This made it extremely difficult for me to make them work in this pose (at least this wasn’t the male version…if it had been, forget it). I did the best I could, but unfortunately it still makes her shoulders look a bit hunched.

I tried to keep the lines as clean as possible and refrained from any shading, because one day I hope to get around to coloring this piece.

Note: Caylinn is also in a drawing on my About page if anyone is interested in seeing more of her.


Penciling T’Androma and her Away Team

March 13, 2010

The visual arts have always been a passion of mine, and I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I worked with all types of medium — watercolors, oil paints, charcoal, pen and inks, you name it. Right now I do a lot of freelance stuff, and while I enjoy my work immensely, being committed to doing art for others unfortunately leads to less time for my own personal projects. I don’t do as much art for myself as I used to, but every once in a while inspiration will strike.

For the last few years I’ve been helping an amateur writer with his independent comic book projects, and working with him has opened my eyes to the world of  comic book penciling. Though I’d been collecting comics for years, until then I had never attempted the art style. I immediately fell in love with it. Now I often find myself doodling on the extra art boards just for the hell of it, and one thing I love to do is to draw my MMO characters! (The banner for this website, for example, is of my WoW warlock that I did during her Burning Crusade days.)

This particular piece started off as a quick sketch I did a few days ago, but I liked how it turned out so I decided to go back and fill in the details and clean up the pencils. Thanks to my brother and his scanner, I finally had the chance to upload it today. The drawing is of my Star Trek Online character T’Androma (center) with her away team consisting of Donny, Jaime, Sleer (pre-goatee) and Tohuna.  Drawing a Klingon was…interesting. While searching for reference photos, I realized that unlike 99% of Klingons out there, my bridge officer does not have ears covered by massive amounts of hair! Anyway, I thought I’d share the end result here, and you can click to enlarge. Enjoy!