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The Secret World Monday: Mixed Bag

November 5, 2013


I’ll be honest; with the flurry of running around in The Secret World, scouring Solomon Islands for stories, Cat God farming, Super Jack hunting, and just in general trying to pick up the last of the new clothing drops I still need from the Halloween update, I’ve completely forgotten that The Whispering Tide was still going on, and that people still need to run the filth portals to unlock the next stage in the event.

Thus, Secret Monday last night didn’t really have a theme. It was a night of ticking off things on our to-do lists. First, getting in some Nightmare runs of Cat God, because some people still need weapon upgrades and his QL 10.1 drops are too good to pass up. Not to mention there’s always a chance at the Amethyst Mouser, which I don’t know if I’m lucky or not, but I’ve seen drop more than half a dozen times. Of course, now that TenTentacles has finally gotten his purple kitty, it won’t be as fun to taunt him with it anymore.

Next up was running Elite Ankh for guildies who still need to finish the achievement in order to hit up the Gatekeeper. It’s definitely good to get as many people as possible Nightmare-mode ready, even though I wept at the prospect of heading into that dungeon. I’ve made it no secret that it’s not my favorite, though I have to admit after having gone through the hell that is The Slaughterhouse and The Facility, it’s hard to hate the Ankh all that much anymore.

In any case, last night’s run was the best and least painless one I’ve ever experienced. Oh all right, I’ll admit it, it was a blast! A lot of that credit goes to Rowanblaze, who was on healing duty and did an amazing job taking care of me.

And finally, into the filth portal five brave adventurers went…which was not me, because I sat out to get some extra words in for my NaNoWriMo. From the wails of pain I heard from Teamspeak though, it seems the dev’s increasing of the difficulty on NM mode can most definitely be felt. And for all that pain and suffering, you get to earn yourself ONE WHOLE EXTRA event token! Thanks, Funcom, as ever we grovel at your feet in thanks for your benevolence and boons!

All snark aside, we were all over the place last night…but ended up getting a lot done.


Weekend MMOing

August 20, 2012

The Secret World

Last week I began reining in my playtime for The Secret World, but mind you, not because of a waning interest. In fact, it’s quite the opposite; by Friday night my character had made enough progress to enter The Shadowy Forest for the very first time, which is the second zone in Transylvania.

I’m slowing down now, because every step brings me closer to finishing the story line and I’m dreading the day I will reach the end. Quite simply, the story and writing in this game has blown away. I’d thought Star Wars: The Old Republic was the height of MMO storytelling, but TSW can give it a run for its money. I’m basically trying to savor it while I can, and make the experience last.

So far, the most memorable moment for me was probably immediately right after I completed the quest Virgula Divina. If you play TSW and haven’t done it, 1) you’re in for a treat, and 2) when you do receive this mission, do yourself a favor and don’t attempt it alone at night or right before sleeping. If you don’t play TSW and/or don’t care about spoilers, look up any number of YouTube walkthroughs for this quest chain and you’ll understand why I feel this is the most disturbing, creepiest, most twisted quest I have ever done in an MMO (and also why my thoughts alternated between “Funcom, you guys are so @#%&ed up” and “OMG this is the best quest ever!” while playing it.)

A part of me hopes that spreading myself out a bit better now will allow the monthly content to catch up, as well as most of the cabal who are behind me at the moment. I like doing group content in this game, and have been running Darkness War as well as The Ankh which I did for the first time last week when I went back to tackle it with my friends, many of whom are still questing in Egypt.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I finally ended my continuous-since-launch SWTOR sub earlier this month, in order to free me up to pick up World of Warcraft again. There’s still some time before it lapses though, and it just so happened the game kicked off the Grand Acquisitions Race last week, a world event involving an interstellar scavenger hunt.

I contemplated skipping it, and almost did until it occurred that with my game time ending soon, I might as well finish off my last days in SWTOR by having some fun in it. A week long world event seemed like the perfect opportunity with just the right amount of that for-the-heck-of-it vibe to draw me in, plus BioWare had to go and say the magic words: pet rewards.

After catching wind of issues related to the crowds, I sought to avoid them by waiting until this weekend to complete the event objectives. For the most part, it paid off, though smuggler crates were still plenty scarce.

Having really no alts in this game also kind of came back to haunt me. Most of the rewards you can buy with Tokens of Enrichment during this event are bind on legacy, favoring those who can do this event on multiple characters to increase and pool their token haul. Having only two characters that are high enough for Nar Shaddaa meant that even after doing the quests on my Jedi Guardian and Bounty Hunter, I was still quite a bit shy from the 250 tokens needed for the damn Lobelot pet. Thus it came down to collecting smuggler crates for me, which like most farming stints proved to be quite a pain in the behind.

That was probably the only disappointing thing about this event, because on the whole, it wasn’t bad at all. After the bad month SWTOR has had with its restructuring and layoffs, and despite it being painfully obvious that my character did not speak or have any voiced interaction at all, they still managed to do a decent job. It’d be nice if the event would last a little longer, but a week is still much preferable to month-long MMO events that require tedious daily quest grinding. A scavenger hunt was not only quite unique, I also found it enjoyable…up until the smuggler crates. I feel that world events should inherently be about the fun; you should do them because you want to, without the element of feeling rushed or forced to grind.

In the end, I did manage to get my Hagnoffarl pet for completing the scavenger hunt, as well as the Lobelot. I even debated collecting more tokens for the mount. At that point, however, I had to stop myself and ask if that was truly what I wanted to do with my time. I shouldn’t be doing it if I’m not having fun, and sometimes I just have to step back and snap myself out of it.

World of Warcraft

WoW kept me quite busy this weekend; if I wasn’t on my main, then I was on my baby Mage, leveling with a bunch of people from my TSW/SWTOR guilds who have all started lowbie alts to play together.

On the Mage, I’ve been tearing through Azeroth with Paganrites, who started over with a brand new account with the Recruit-a-Friend invitation that I sent him. I’ve always heard from others about the ridiculous rate of experience gain that veteran and recruit get from the bonus when leveling together, but I am finally seeing this for myself. It’s actually quite disgusting how quickly we’re blowing through the levels.

I’ve given up doing heroics on my 85 at this point, with the pre-expansion patch coming in about a week and Mists of Panderia arriving in about a month. Instead, I’ve been working on dailies.

I know I’ve expressed my loathing of daily quests in the past, but surprisingly, these aren’t so bad for a couple reasons. First of all, it’s been a while since I’ve done WoW dailies so they still feel somewhat fresh, but also there are a crap ton that actually are completely new to me. For instance, I have never done the ones out on Tol Barad Peninsula until a few days ago, and I also just unlocked the Firelands dailies by doing the quest chain last week. It was one big confusing mess, but I finally managed to figure out how many of those quests I should be getting.

The other reason why I haven’t found doing WoW dailies all that terrible: there are just so damn many of them that I don’t have to choose the same ones to do every day. One day I might decide to do the ones out in Deepholme, work up some Therazane reputation. Another day I might mix it up with some cooking or fishing dailies. Sometimes I go out to Uldum to bomb some troops or bash some thieving pluckers. I have so many goals — gaining exalted rep with factions, daily achievements for rewards, getting my guild rep up, just to name a few — that pretty much anything I do will be counting towards something.

Most of these also include a pet reward of some kind at the end (Rustberg gull, dark phoenix hatchling, Pebble, etc.), so that’s extra motivation. Really looking forward to the pet battles in MoP, so I’m putting in extra effort to build up my “menagerie arsenal”.


Back To Killing Things With Cream Puffs

May 5, 2010

I rejoiced along with everyone when we got our new cat forms. But the one thing I never liked were these sorry excuses for paws 'n claws.

What’s that? You mean to tell me these things at the end of my arms aren’t cream puffs? Oh, my bad.

I think both my husband and my brother are conspiring against me to try to bring me back to World of Warcraft. The other day, my brother asked if he could take advantage of the Recruit-A-Friend program because he was thinking of starting over with a brand new account. I said sure, but that would require an active account on my end. My husband also thought I should try out the new authenticator, and even offered to buy me a couple pieces of gear to start me off if I were to come back.

I was seriously contemplating a return but was still somewhat hesitant. That is, until he did it, he had to go and say it:

“I hardly see any druid tanks anymore.”

Well, that does it. I have to show my bear pride, even if it’s just for a heroic dungeon every now and then. But I think I’ve hit the point where I’m just not that interested in the endgame content anymore. Reconnecting with my guild was a blast, and I’ll be doing a lot more socializing in-game if anything, while perhaps doing some pre-Cataclysm mats-and-gold farming, which is what everyone seems to be doing these days. That, and I’ll probably be leveling a Horde character for the chance to see Old-World Azeroth through another faction’s eyes before the expansion comes and changes everything. I think I still have a lowbie Blood Elf priest lying around somewhere…

One thing I know for sure though — absolutely no raids! I’m not ready to open up that Pandora’s Box again. Raiding is the path to the dark side. Raiding leads to gear-fixation. Gear-fixation leads to min-maxing. Min-maxing leads to burn-out.


Off-Duty and Restless

March 7, 2010

Apparently, I’m still leveling much too quickly in Star Trek Online. I find myself grounded once again, waiting for my husband to catch up to me and reach the rank of Captain. Not content to sit on my hands so soon after getting a new ship, I’ve decided to keep playing but make a conscious effort to adhere only to activities that will not gain me any experience. Well, in doing so, I’ve discovered what this game lacks is stuff to do on your “off time”.

Have you ever logged into an MMO not feeling up to doing anything really productive? Where you just want to relax and do something light that won’t take much effort or concentration? That’s what I like to call my off time, where I pop in a movie and find something casual to do in game while I chat with my friends and guildmates. For example, in World of Warcraft I’d be making my way to the the Wetlands to try my luck at farming for the elusive crimson whelpling. In Age of Conan, I’d be looking for ways to be a contributing member of the guild by participating in gaining renown through crafting and gathering. In Lord of the Rings Online, I’d be off buying nice things to decorate my hobbit house.

Finding these fun, frivolous things to do in STO is a little more challenging, however. What’s there to do other than fighting and leveling? The crafting system feels empty and provides little motivation for me to farm anomalous data. I find anything to do with PvP stressful and deeply excruciating, and even if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to do it without gaining experience. I guess I could always start a new alt, though I’ve become quite attached to T’Androma to the point where playing another character would feel a little strange. Needless to say, I’m at a complete loss when it comes to finding ways to spend my off time in this game. Am I simply just not being creative enough? In any case, I’m certainly open to any suggestions.


Mass Effect 2: Prepping for the Final Journey

February 10, 2010

The index finger of my left hand has completely locked up, and I have no one to blame for it but myself.

I’m coming upon the final mission in Mass Effect 2, and at this point it’s all about tying up loose ends. That means finishing any leftover quests in my journal, visiting any unexplored systems, and making any incomplete upgrades to my team and ship.  The last of these requires a ton of resources, much of which can only be obtained through scanning and launching probes at a planet until it looks like some kind of freaky overgrown blowfish. Over the last couple of days, I’ve spent most of my time in this game holding down the left trigger button on the Xbox 360 controller performing these scans (I guess even here you can’t escape the dreaded farm), so serves me right for being a completist. On the other hand, my armory is now the envy of every weapons enthusiast in the galaxy.

Warning: The following section contains spoilers! You have been warned!

Area(s) covered: Derelict Reaper

All along, I had been expecting a final addition to my crew due to the presence of an empty slot in my squad list, and so I wasn’t surprised when I finally got to meet Legion. It’s kinda neat to be able to see a Geth up close without worrying about it shooting me in the face. Apparently I need to work on repaying the favor, because I kept accidentally firing on him during his personal quest (what can I say, I’ve been conditioned too well when it comes to AHHH IT’S A GETH! KEEEL EET!). To be honest, Legion hasn’t really been impressing me outside of combat. He has got to be the most infuriating squad member to talk to. While I realize that some of that was intended, something else isn’t adding up here. So you say your race can govern yourselves efficiently because you can process data with thousands of your buddies at the speed of light, eh? Well, in the end you still needed me to make the big decisions for you, so ha.

Things are also looking up on the romance front with Garrus, who is currently busy “researching” for his special night with Shepard. Well, there’s no shortage of primary resources on the internet, my Turian friend! On a related note, Shepard discovered male-enhancement junk mail on her private terminal the other day. Even the Cerberus spam filters can’t stop them, what chance do we have?!