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Finding Balance on my STO Away Team

March 11, 2010

I had no idea how awesome this screencap would turn out when I hit "Prnt Scrn".

Ground combat has gotten a lot more interesting to me since I made Captain in Star Trek Online. And it’s a giant celebration on my ship every time I gain a new rank, because it means everyone else also gets promoted. At the moment, I’m struggling to work out my ground abilities for my away team as more skill slots have opened up.

I’m always curious as to what other captains have done with their away team set up. Thus far, I’ve been been using  a good mix of BOs, designating “roles” to them which has served me quite well. There are some abilities that I just can’t do without, like Medical Tricorder, and I personally love Chroniton Mine Barrier (yay for cute little Roomba thingies that move around with you and explode!) My current combination is far from perfect though. Despite the mines, my engineering BO currently feels a little useless, and makes me wonder if that slot would be better off filled by another tactical officer. Other abilities feel a little lackluster (Motion Accelerator? I don’t even think I’ve ever seen it used!) and I wonder if I’m missing out on some good ones…or maybe, I’m just overthinking this entirely.

My current away team consists of:

Myself  as a Tactical Officer – Fire Team kit (Ambush, Plasma Grenade, Suppressing Fire, Focus Fire)
Tactical Officer #2 – melee and grenades (Photon Grenade, Plasma Grenade, Leg Sweep, Motion Accelerator)
Science Officer #1 – crowd control and buffs (Neural Neutralizer, Tricorder Scan, Gravimetric Shift, Anesthizine Gas)
Science Officer #2 – heals and cleanses (Vascular Regenerator, Medical Tricorder, Hypospray – Masiform D, Hyperonic Radiation)
Engineering Officer – shields and defense (Medical Generator Fabrication, Phaser Turret Fabrication, Chroniton Mine Barrier, Cover Shield)


Top 3 Favorite STO Moments

March 2, 2010

Well, it’s been a month since the release of Star Trek Online, and now is when a lot of players are going to be taking a step back to decide where they’re going to go with this game. Maybe you’ll stay on because there’s still plenty of things to check off on your in-game to-do list, or perhaps the month has given you enough time to decide that STO just isn’t for you. There’s a lot of negativity surrounding the game as of late (which really isn’t anything new if you’ve been following STO at all) but I’ve personally decided to maintain a positive outlook. One month is a milestone after all, and I wanted to reflect upon the experiences I’ve had in the game in the last 30+ days and share my top 3 favorite moments here.

3. Finding out about Tribbles

According to Wikipedia, even the most clueless of Star Trek fans know about Tribbles, but not me apparently. The first time I picked one up, I thought it was some kind of in-game food item. I mean, it looked just like a scoop of chocolate ice-cream to me, okay!? So I gave it to one of my bridge officers without a second thought. I was on one of my ground missions when I first heard it — the call of the Tribble. Of course, I didn’t know what it was at the time. Since I just happened to be on a jungle planet I thought to myself, “Oh cool, this place has monkeys!” But when I heard the call again on another ground mission, this time in the belly of a Klingon starship, I knew right then that the sound couldn’t have come from any species of space primate. The next time I heard that distinct purring sound, I immediately panned around to see if I could catch the source of it. Imagine my surprise when I saw my BO pull out a puffy fur ball and pet it!

2. Promotion ceremony in the Stateroom

Every time you reach a new rank in STO, you’re given an assignment to talk to an NPC for a new ship. The first time I got promoted, I also noticed a quest labeled “Optional” in my log to go visit the Stateroom to attend my promotion ceremony. Not one to miss out on any game content, I did what the quest called for and made my way to the Stateroom…and was met with all the NPCs turning to salute and congratulate me! That was just way too cool. Commander Menn Hilo, the officer at the front of the room behind the podium, will also tell you how awesome you are when you talk to him to complete the quest. I gotta say, nice touch, Cryptic!

1. “Breaking the Planet”

The Away Mission part of this quest was hands down the most fun I’ve ever had in STO and I would love to see more content like this. Ironically, this Fleet Action mission was broken at the time of launch but was fixed soon after that. Like many others, I went to do the quest as soon as I heard that the bugs had been ironed out, and together we all poured into the Laurentian System and beamed down to the planet surface. Dozens of us including myself cooperated to complete our orders, amassing ourselves into a single, unstoppable fighting force to raze our way across the map, destroying all enemies that got in our way. At one point, two groups of players converged for a battle against the Klingons and I could see at least 40 other people around me engaged in combat, which was a real sight to behold. It’s enough to make even the most jaded of STO players say, “I gotta admit, that was pretty cool.”


That’s Lieutenant Commander to You

February 1, 2010

Despite all the Star Trek Online server shutdowns in the last few days, I managed to level T’Androma to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. I am now officially past the point I reached in open beta, so everything will be new to me from here on out.

Of course, one can’t become a respectable Lieutenant Commander without a new ship. Say hello to my new Escort class starship, the U.S.S. Tundra.

My reasoning behind choosing an Escort: I’ve been playing defensive and support roles in MMOs for far too long! I want to be a glass cannon for a change, I don’t care if that means flying in one. I’m gonna walk into STO phasers blazing.

To celebrate this milestone, I’m going to do something I love: sharing screenshots! This series focuses on an aspect of the game that in my opinion has been underrated so far: the ground experience.

T'Androma ponders leaving the service to make her fortune selling Tribble condoms.

Mmmm...caramel asteroid popcorn.

T'Androma makes the Klingons regret saying she throws like a girl.

The crew looks on intently as T'Androma teaches a demonstration on fire safety.

Scanning objects for your iPhone can't do this!