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Battle Bards Episode 25: The Holidays

April 15, 2014

Battle Bards

A new episode of Battle Bards is up!

Now I know what you’re thinking. It’s a pretty random time to be featuring a theme show about the holidays. But hey, it’s ALWAYS a holiday somewhere in MMO land! Join Syp, Syl and I as we talk about our favorite tunes featured in special events, from Christmas to Brewfest.



Episode 25 show notes

  • Intro (including “Wintersday Bell Choir” from Guild Wars 2 and “Lifeday Celebration” from Star Wars Galaxies)
  • “Winter Event” from Star Trek Online
  • “Winter Home” from Lord of the Rings Online
  • “Halloween Wonderland” from Rappelz
  • “Happy Holidays” from Project Copernicus
  • “Brewfest” from World of Warcraft
  • “Starlight Celebration” from Final Fantasy XI
  • “Missing Presumed Death” from RuneScape
  • Which one did we like best?
  • Outro (“Winter Event” from Star Trek Online)



The Secret World: Krampusnacht And End Of Days

January 2, 2014
Lighting Hel up for the holidays.

Lighting Hel up for the holidays.

Happy new year, from your friendly neighborhood MMOGC! Hope everyone’s holiday season was filled with much love and joy and gaming.

The last few weeks have been conspicuously devoid of posts about The Secret World Mondays, though I have indeed kept playing even through the craziness of the holidays. In fact, out of all the MMOs that had their Christmas events, I probably spent the most time doing TSW’s, even though I did dabble some in Guild Wars 2 and their Tixx’s Infinirarium dungeon.

Heh, now that’s some insane juxtaposition right there: creepy Krampusnacht of the former versus the whimical Wintersday of the latter. True to form, Funcom puts a horror twist on everything, even for Christmas.

krampus mask

And nothing says “horror” quite like an ugly holiday sweater from your great aunt Agnes.

As a bonus, the End of Days came back as well, which made me very happy because I was out of town when they had that event last year and I thought it was a one-time thing that I’d missed forever.


Sigh…this would have been such a cool screenshot if I hadn’t ruined it by wearing my granny panties.


And this screenshot says so much about us as a guild.

Anyway, it all wrapped up today and my friend TenTentacles’ round-up post inspired me to do one of my own. And like TenTen, I thought it was great, but also that it’s high time Funcom comes up with something other than, in his words, the whole “Big Bad Monster Tromping Around the World thing”. It’s a lot of fun, but he’s right in that it’s also getting a little old. Or heck, maybe I’m just feeling bitter because I must have participated in more than two dozen fights of Super Hel and never got my horns. Seriously, everything else dropped for me BUT the damn crown.

behind me

“That two-faced mother…er, she’s standing right behind me, isn’t she?”

On the bright side, I still maintain that these types of events bring out the best of the TSW community. I wouldn’t even have gotten to battle the big two-faced Norse goddess if not for the efforts of the different cabals and the numerous other volunteers pooling up their resources to chain summon her for the rest of us who need the achievement or need her drops. Everyone is always so eager to help others in this game, and I hope that aspect never goes away!

hel train

People all over The Secret World, join hands! Start a Hel train, Hel train!


Spreading The Holiday Cheer

December 23, 2011

First of all, thank you to the wonderful Stargrace of MMOQuests who once again ran Gamers Secret Santa this year — it took a lot of planning and organizing, I’m sure!

Anyway, I was very excited when I received my gift from my Secret Santa Naylie, Community Manager of EverQuest II. I confess, seeing something for me in the mail with Sony Online Entertainment in the return address was already quite the thrill.

I love my gifts!

Before this, I had never heard of Steam Powered Giraffe, so the first thing I did was look them up on Wikipedia: “Steam Powered Giraffe (SPG) is a musical project formed in San Diego in 2008 that is popular in the steampunk subculture. The act combines the visual of robot pantomime with sketches, pop culture references, improvised comedic dialogue, and original music.”

I didn’t even know Steampunk was a musical genre. But I love trying new things and I have to say, it is awesome!

And that’s not all. I also got:

It’s a Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures lightsaber keychain that lights up when I press a little button on the hilt. It’s so sweet! Besides the fact that I love anything to do with Star Wars, I’m also happy that I now have something to keep all my MMO authenticators together. And by “all” I mean my all of two…but never underestimate my ability to lose things. Especially small things, like security keys. I keep the keychain by my computer monitor now, and it stands out amidst all the clutter on my desk.

So thanks again, Stargrace and Secret Santa! And to my readers, thanks for stopping by MMOGC. May your holidays be filled with love and joy, and I wish everyone a safe and happy weekend.

(Oh, there was also a candy cane…but I already ate it.)


Holiday Aftermath

December 27, 2010

It’s been absolutely craaaazy over here in the last week. I bought a house. My parents and grandfather visited us from overseas and my brother flew in from Toronto (it was a pretty big deal since I only see my parents an average of once a year and it’s been ages since the whole family has been together). And of course, on the day I finally see them all off safely to their hotel near DC — they were planning a trip the next day to the nation’s capital — my husband and I (and Strider the pup) were hit by that monster of a snowstorm that hammered the east coast on our way back home. We practically spent the night on the I-95 on our 11-hour trip that normally takes two-and-a-half, and today was spent with the neighbors digging our street out of of all this white stuff.

It was a stressful week but also joyous, and I’m grateful for health, love, friends and family, and the kindness of strangers. I’m also grateful to my readers, who have to put up with my sometimes nonsensical ramblings on this blog. I’m a little late here, but since I believe in better late than never, I want to wish you all a happy holidays, and hope everyone had a great time this weekend.

I also want to give a special shoutout to Victor Stillwater, my not-so-Secret-Santa who got me a Steam game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent. And of course, many thanks to Stargrace of, who took the time to set up the Secret Santa event. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to participate this year, given my wacky moving schedule that could run anytime from mid-December to mid-January, but the ever-flexible and accommodating Stargrace did her thing and arranged the possibility of digital gift-giving!

I don’t know much about Amnesia, but it sounds like a rockin’ game from the descriptions of the gameplay on Wikipedia:

Amnesia is an exploration-based adventure game played from a first-person perspective…allowing for advanced physics based puzzles and interactions such as opening doors and fixing machinery.

Amnesia does not give the player access to weapons, giving them no defense against the gruesome creatures that wander Brennenburg Castle. As such, the player must use their wits to escape and hide from the monsters until they lose interest in finding the player. Players can also choose to hide in the shadows at the cost of slowly losing their sanity.

Separate from the player’s health bar is an indication of the character’s sanity. Being in darkness too long, witnessing unsettling events, or staring at the monsters for too long will reduce the character’s sanity. As the sanity level decreases, visual and auditory hallucinations start to occur and the player is noticed by monsters more easily…this forces the player to find a balance between the amount of time they spend in light and shadow. Sanity is restored to full once the player completes an objective or progresses the game’s story.

It sounds creepy, but it’s definitely my kind of game. Can’t wait to check it out! Thanks again, Victor!

Got some other great loot this year. No other games though, which is probably a good thing considering my already massive and ever-growing to-play list. But I did get some great gifts, including the newest generation Kindle (my brother was quick to pounce on my 2nd gen, reminiscent of the hand-me-down times of our youth), a beautiful pair of turquoise earrings from Thailand, some Body Shop bath soaps and lotions (mmm, mango scent!) and a Victoria’s Secret gift card courtesy of my husband because he thinks that I — and I quote — “don’t buy enough clothes for myself.” Thanks, sweetie, but Victoria’s Secret? Looks like I still wouldn’t exactly be buying clothes “for myself”.


Mom Rocks!

May 9, 2010

My mom has never expressed much of an interest in gaming (though she did have this obsessive bout with her Tetris handheld back in the mid-90’s) and in general, she and I have very little in common. If she even knew I had a game blog, she’d probably roll her eyes. Nevertheless, I could not have asked for a better mother.

I can’t say she approves of gaming. Growing up, she was always more of a “do your homework, eat your vegetables” kind of mom, conservative as they come. Even now she thinks that games are a waste of time. Still, I remember when I was 12 years old, my brother and I were completely caught up in the Pokemon craze. At the time, the Game Boy games were sold out at retail stores all across the country, which didn’t really matter because we didn’t think we’d be allowed to buy it anyway. One day, however, my mother surprised us with copy of Pokemon Red. My brother and I were ecstatic! Afterward, I found out that she had called places on the phone until she found a store that still had stock, and then drove hours out of her way to pick it up. Online ordering wasn’t a big thing yet then! I could just imagine how pointless she felt the whole Pokemon fad was, but she did it anyway —  just to give her kids a nice surprise and see them happy.

That memory touches me still when I look back, especially given her stance on gaming. She and my father work overseas now so I only get to see them about once a year, but my mother and I still have an excellent relationship even after all these years she’s had to put up with my crap. I know I haven’t always been a good daughter.

On this day, give mom a hug, send her flowers, or just call to send your love. To moms everywhere, have a happy Mother’s Day!