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The Saga Begins…

December 20, 2011

It’s Tuesday morning, do you know your estimated wait time? Yep, it must be launch day.

I just encountered my first ever queue on Sanctum of the Exalted, and yet at this moment I can’t say I really give a flying Fosh. Queues are an expected part of launch day regardless, but at the same time I am feeling nothing but gladness and contentment. That said, I think I’m still just a bit numb from the disbelief at the fact that this game I’ve waited for since its announcement has finally officially launched. Of course, I also can’t guarantee that I’ll be this calm or that I won’t be pulling my hair out in a few hours when I hit the prime time queues. Ask me how I feel again in the evening.

Anyway, enough bad grammar and incoherent rambling from me. Congratulations, Star Wars: The Old Republic team, the years of hard work have come to fruition, and the saga is now a reality. Happy launch day!



February 27, 2011

Shut up. I’m officially fresh out of clever Rift puns for post titles now, so you’ll have to live with the dregs I scrape from the bottom of the barrel, you poor, poor things.

Some of you may recall a post I did last year titled “My Lovely Ladies” in which I identify the three trends I tend to follow when I make my game characters: 1) They’re all female, 2) They’re all attractive, and 3) They all have different names.

My Rift characters are no exception, and I am particularly a big fussbudget when it comes to names. Five days before headstart and I was already trying to come up with a list of possible names in my head. A list of them, because sometimes, I won’t know which one to use until I see my character standing before me on the screen. A name can sound great, follow all the appropriate conventions and be perfect in every way, but for me it also has to fit a “look” or else it just doesn’t work. See, I told you I was fussy.

Meet Shandenay, my “main” Rift character, Defiant Eth on Faeblight.

I knew for a long time I was going to roll a Cleric. I’ve always had in mind an image of a heroic shining knight in chain mail, a fresh-faced and wholesome young woman with kind of a humble, girl-next-door type of beauty. So no surprise, she came out looking a bit like a Roman goddess. Though the Defiants are branded as heretics, seen as dangerous and shameless, and are therefore labeled the “evil” side by many, I often let the class of my character influence my decisions on overall appearance, not the faction.

My first role for Shandenay consists of a Druid/Justicar/Shaman soul combination. For a first-time Cleric, I went with what the game suggested, and was pleased with the resulting synergy between these three melee souls. I’m able to solo effectively, and offer good support in a duo or in a raid while fighting a rift. I also just recently purchased a second role for the purpose of doing instances, and started putting together a healing build on the fly. The Sentinel and Purifier souls have not let me down so far.

Meet Saimiri, my Guardian High Elf character, also on Faeblight.

Self-righteous. Holier-than-thou. Goody-two-shoes. That’s the feeling I got from the Guardians, which prevented me from connecting with the faction when I did my brief stint as a Mathosian during beta. Still, I have an agreement with my husband that I won’t level my main character without him and he won’t level his without me, so I needed to come up with a Rift alt to play for the times when he’s not around or when he decides to play World of Warcraft instead. Despite my disdain for the “Chosen of Telara’s gods”, I want to see as much of this game as I can, including the content from the other faction, so I saw this as the perfect opportunity.

Wow, I just realized compared to my Cleric, Saimiri looks like a real bitch. My subconscious feelings about the Guardians coming through, perhaps. I do like her name, though. Sometimes, I like coming up with random names that sound good, other times the names I choose for my characters are meant as nerdy little inside jokes to myself. I specialized in an Anthropological Sciences degree when I was in college, and one of my favorite courses I had to take was Primatology. Saimiri is the genus name for the Squirrel Monkey.

I enjoyed my Elementalist/Chloromancer/Stormcaller Mage so much during beta, I was inclined to make another one for launch. Except I substituted Elementalist for NECROMANCER! I needed a pet, and the cool factor of an undead skeleton is just slightly higher than that of a pet rock.

Server queues aside, I’m having a lot of fun in Rift so far, and I hope you are too. Come say hello!


Just Another Launch Day…

February 24, 2011

Wow. Been watching my Twitter feed fill up with people lamenting the Rift server queues all afternoon. And gahhh, they weren’t frickin’ kidding.

It’s a little past 3:30 right now. Seeing as I won’t actually be available to play until later this evening, I figure now’s a good time to start ‘er up.

Maybe I’ll go take a nap.

Take the dogs for a walk.

Run a bath and read a book.

Then have dinner. Hey, if I’m lucky, the server should be letting me in some time around dessert. Good thing I plan ahead, eh?

Oh, and congratulations, Trion! Looks like your game has generated much interest!


Journey To Khitai

May 12, 2010

I did manage to fit in a few hours of Age of Conan last night, after the servers finally went live. Oh my God, I haven’t seen this many people running around in-game since launch.

My new Khitan character has been made! Naming her was a bit of a challenge, since I like to give names that fit the lore or are appropriate for a character’s background. As Rise of the Godslayer draws heavily from the Korean and Chinese cultures, I decided to name her Xiaohuli, meaning “Little Fox” in Mandarin. Guaranteed to be butchered, methinks, but it’s pronounced approximately “shee-ow-huli” if anyone is interested to know, or you can call her “Huli” for short, which is simply just “Fox.”

"Foxy" lady.

At least now in this game you can run around with a Chinese name for roleplaying purposes and not be immediately tagged for a gold farmer, but I’m already weeping for the inevitably that are names like “Longdong”, “Hunglo”, “Eggfuyung” or “Chowmein.”

Xiaohuli’s a Guardian, a decision that was influenced by my sadistic sense of irony which revels in being able to create petite women just to deck them out in heavy weapons and armor and make them tank. That, and I’ve always been curious about being a “Polearm Guard”.

As much as I’m looking forward to the Tortage experience again, I left her outside the gates in the jungle as a humble Level 5 for now. My husband wasn’t able to finish patching before bedtime last night, unfortunately, and I don’t want to get too far ahead of him. He tends to pout when that happens.

Instead, I hopped on over to my Level 80 Priest of Mitra, to see if I could get her started on earning her Alternate Advancement points and perks. But first, behold my Killer Rhino mount! (Cue uncontrollable, maniacal laughing!)


Me and several guildies also banded together for our first trip to Khitai. For those wondering how to get there, the path begins in the southern point of Khemi in Stygia, where a local traveler named Madu waits to take you across the river where you can then talk to a wagoner about starting your voyage to the east. The wagoner will offer you a choice: either pay for the trip to Khitai with coin, or offer up your services as a mercenary to protect the wagon as it travels. If you choose the latter, you have the chance of getting a random encounter in which you’ll receive an objective to complete before reaching your destination. Not one to miss out on new content, I chose the second option…not to mention the first option requires you to pay out your ass.

These little “instances” are pretty neat. Unfortunately, they’re also solo, so all my guildies and I were separated at this point. You’re randomly dumped somewhere along the Silk Road, and the caravan master gives you a quest. These little missions can vary in difficulty and length, it seems. The first time, I got instructions to kill sandworms to clear the way for the wagon. Easy peasy. The second time I did this, I got a quest to collect (read: steal) baskets of fish and fruit from Hyrkanian pirates in order to replenish our own food stores. This one took me a full 20 minutes. Those pesky freebooters don’t go down easy, and navigating their base was a challenge in itself.

You want me to take out a whole village of pirates, wat.

Anyway, finally in Khitai!

Unfortunately, this is also when things started going wonky. My guildies reported crashing, others had freezes, and I myself was getting really bad lag. It seems they are having some memory leak issues again, oh how nostalgic! No really, I hope they get this fixed soon. It only seemed to be a problem in Khitai, and I found turning the video settings down to “Low” temporarily fixed this problem. This makes for crappy screenshots though, and so that was also around the time I decided to call it a night.

Uber busy with work today, so I probably won’t get another chance to play until tonight, but apparently the servers have been brought down anyway which is a good sign that solutions are coming.


Glad I Gave It A Second Chance

May 11, 2010

I threw myself into a new commission this morning and afternoon, trying to keep busy with work. But now I am officially HYPED for Age of Conan’s Rise of the Godslayer.

And now that 4pm EST has rolled around, the great Glen “Famine” Swan has spoken — 4 more hours of downtime (Edit: And again)! Can’t say I didn’t see that coming, it’s a new release day after all. We’re not new to this. But even if something unexpected (expected?) happens and the community explodes with rage, I still think that Funcom really deserves a pat on the back. Remember, even Scarybooster says there’s no need to wait for one specific week out of the year to give a developer our thanks, credit should be given wherever and whenever it’s due. And I feel like hurling one out right now.

Of course I’d love for the expansion launch to go smoothly. But I gotta say, even if RotGs causes the AoC servers to implode and no one gets to play on launch day, I have to give Funcom its props. Despite a disappointing release back in 2008 and the cries of “Failcom” that followed, the developers did not give up on AoC’s great potential. They cared enough to improve it, and I think their hard work has paid off. The last three months since coming back to this game have certainly been enjoyable for me, and I can’t believe I’m here tonight waiting for its expansion. Who’d a thunk it?

Second chances are rarely afforded to the online game industry these days, and that so many players have either picked up AoC or are returning to it now speaks volumes of the work Funcom has put into the game. While I’ll admit you guys are killing me with this extended downtime, I’m in no way angry, upset or disappointed. Impatient? Okay, I’ll give you that. Excited? Yes, most definitely! So wth this post, I’d just like to say, “Thank you, Funcom, and all the best.”

(Besides, I’m still trying to figure out what class to roll for my Khitan. At least I’ve narrowed it down a little.)

Dark Templar

Bear Shaman



Herald of Xotli


When Online Games Become All About ME! ME! ME!

February 18, 2010

MMO gamers are a funny lot. How many times have you seen complaints on a forum about how a game isn’t “massive” enough, or that community is lacking, or that it plays out like a single-player experience? But when it actually comes down to it…for a group that’s often so vocal about such matters, we sure can be an individualistic bunch. I’ve found that this is especially true during the first few days of any MMO event, and the Allods Online open beta (essentially, the “soft launch” of the game) is no exception.

Times like these seem to bring out the worst in people. Everywhere I look, I see examples of the “everyone-for-themselves” mentality, the most common one of course being the dozens of players running back and forth on their own across a zone trying to kill snakes or deer or lynxes or what have you whose spawn rates just can’t keep up with the raging demand.  And yet…no one wants to group up to help each other out or even interact with one another! It’s mind-boggling. It would make more sense if this soloing helps one progress or level faster in any way, but it doesn’t. You waste more time traveling to look around for an untagged mob than anything.

Even more appalling are the instances of kill-stealing. Now, we all know that kill-stealing is not cool, right? Especially when it’s one of those “beat mob down to less than 30% health, then activate some debuff on them” quests. You don’t stand around watching and waiting for someone else to do all the work then steal the credit from under their nose. But earlier this evening, I saw in zone chat that not only was this behavior being practiced, it was being encouraged. Several of my own guild members admitted that they did it because it was the best option and advised another guildie to do so when he expressed his frustrations at being KS’ed. Well, call me uptight or priggish or goody-two-shoes or whatever, but I still assert that this whole “everyone-else-is-being-an-ass-about-it-so-why-can’t-I?” attitude does nothing but destroy community.

Anyway, I read all this and I just don’t know what to think. While it may be tempting to say “Screw it!” and sink to those levels, I refuse to do so and disrespect my fellow players. I’m still a firm believer of common courtesy, and I’ll always try to do my part in fostering a good community. There are always other alternatives around the self-seekers, the most obvious one being to GROUP UP! We’re all playing an MMORPG for crying out loud, it’s not that hard. I take the initiative to start a party whenever I can, and we always finish the quest much faster than if we were all separately waiting around for a mob to spawn. The social aspect is such a huge component of an online game, so I don’t know why people don’t make the most out of it.


Allods Online: Meet Avalea

February 16, 2010

I know I suck at juggling MMOs but…hell, when do I ever take my own advice anyway? Besides, Allods Online is a free-to-play, so I don’t feel guilty about making an exception for it.

I’ve followed my closed beta guild into the open beta which officially commenced about an hour ago, and since we get to keep our characters now through to launch, I’ve started an elven demonologist by the name of Avalea. While playing a Warden in closed beta has been a pleasant experience overall, the class did not exactly meet my expectations when it comes to the type of playstyle I was looking for. I decided I wanted to feel more like a caster, but I’ve also come to appreciate being a pet-class. I’ve since done some research into the other options, and reading about other people’s experiences with the Summoner has drawn me to the archetype, not to mention the whole prospect of “beauty, death and creation” is just so damn sexy.

The starting zone is a lag-filled, overpopulated fiasco I don’t want to deal with right now, so hopefully things will be a little better tonight so I can get a few more levels in.