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5 “Quality Of Life” Rift Features That Have Spoiled Me Silly

August 24, 2011

1. Sell all junk

Straight up time saver that spares me the chore of sifting through all my bags picking out the grey items to sell to vendor. Lord of the Rings Online has a similar function that allows players to “lock” items they want to keep and to sell the rest, but this is just way simpler. All my vendor trash is gone with one click, and I am left with my gold and a morbid curiosity — what the hell would my drink seller need with severed Aelfwar fingers and old roc beaks?

2. Mounts straight out of tutorial

If you have the tartagon from the digital collector’s edition, nothing beats being able to mount up and ride everywhere even as a lowbie level 6. Even if you don’t, in the world of Telara, you can ride a mount as soon as you can afford one. In many ways, that makes a lot more sense. It’s not like MMO worlds are like the real one where your character has to wait until becoming a pimply-faced adolescent to get a license.

3. AoE looting

I’m just sooooo damn lazy. There, I admit it. So if you were thinking of leaving a smart-alecky comment saying “Come on, MMOGC, it only takes a few seconds to loot a few bodies”…try again. Another cool thing — being able to loot mounted. So nice being able to backtrack, see a sparkly body you missed, loot and continue on your merry way without missing a beat.

4. Quest item bag

To be fair, I believe Rift only added this feature quite recently during one of their updates. Every friggin’ MMO needs this. I can think of very little else that infuriates me more than getting an “Inventory is full” message, and seeing that two-thirds of my bags are filled with crap only used, made, or obtained during quests.

5. Customizable UI

From day one, I was impressed with the modularity, flexibility, and customization of the Rift user interface. It’s rare to get something so polished right out of the box, without having to download any addons or mods. And when I started another character and wanted to use the exact same set up? IMPORT! Ah, heaven.


Riftshot Of The Day: Swift Silver

May 30, 2011

Okay. There. Finally. I feel like the last 50 to get their fast mount, considering how long I’ve spent at this level.

Ironic thing is, ever since then, I’ve actually probably made enough plat to afford this thing 3 times over by now. Just goes to show how much money I blow instead on pretty outfits and artifacts in the auction house. Shinies before swiftness!


Fast And Furious

July 6, 2010

Another World of Warcraft post tonight, but just a quick one because I guess this is where I make my obligatory post about reaching level 40 and getting my epic mount. Or should I say, the used-to-be-so-much-more-epic mount? Nonetheless, it’s still a milestone.

Times really do change. I remember I didn’t get my epic mount on my first WoW character until Burning Crusade came out and I was already level 63 and somewhere in Zangarmarsh. Needless to say, I was pretty lousy at farming and saving gold back then. And I wonder if many new Paladins and Warlocks these days will still go on to do their mount quests at level 60? I mean, not that I can blame them if they don’t; I personally wouldn’t bother either, even if I hadn’t already done them in the past.

And speaking of farming gold and saving, my husband and I didn’t have much of a problem affording our riding training and mounts (even at its reduced price, it’s still relatively expensive for a couple of lowbies), because selling Uncommon green items have been so profitable. I’m not sure how it is on other servers, but on Silvermoon it’s very typical to see your level 20-35ish run-of-the-mill greens sell for 30 to 40 gold and up…and people will buy them. Seriously, what happened? Prices certainly weren’t this ridiculous last year before I took my break from WoW.

Anyway, I’ve always thought that the armored Kodos were the coolest of all the racial mounts, so I’m happy to have mine now even though it’s so bulky that getting through most doorways can be troublesome (thinking of filing a class-action lawsuit against the makers of the Undercity elevator doors, for instance). Also, can’t believe I’ve never noticed those cute little bongos ferocious war drums on the back of the Tauren mounts before!


Good Heart, Fast Horse

June 19, 2010

Just a quick post to celebrate the fact that a couple nights ago, I hit level 35 and was able to get my Advanced Riding skill and buy a fast mount (I had enough gold, miraculously!) in Lord of the Rings Online.

I gotta say though, reaching this milestone was one of those big fat “Dur, I’m such a moron” moments. I must have tried the race course five times before I was able to get the riding skill reward. If you’re reading this and thinking I had trouble with the timed quest…well, you’d be wrong. The course was easy; I always managed to make it with around 15 seconds on the clock to spare. The problem was, every time I reached the quest giver, he wouldn’t talk to me to let me finish the quest!

So there I was swearing up a blue storm at this idiot NPC who kept failing me, until I finally opened up my journal to read the quest again. Right then and there, I gave myself the biggest facepalm of my life. I’d read the quest text too quickly. It actually told me to use the bloodbay steed (the mob stabled on the grounds) when I’d originally thought it said your bloodbay steed. In retrospect, I guess if they’d actually wanted you to use your own mount, they’d probably have specifically stated “starter steed”. The thing is, I know my horse colors (like every little girl, I was obsessed with ponies and knew everything that had to do with them). In my mind, I’d always refer to my starter pony as a “bloodbay” because that’s actually the color it was…and after 15 levels, it kinda stuck. When I read the description in the quest text, my mind immediately made the erroneous connection to my own mount.

Yeah, I could say it was 3am at the time and I was tired, out of it, and eager to get to bed, but in the end I really have no good excuse. I was a right big noob, plain and simple.

But boy, it was worth it. Behold my new fast pony.


Kodo Kouture

May 25, 2010

So, last night in World of Warcraft my Tauren got her Kodo and I just wanted to do a quick post to celebrate this milestone. I know, big whooping deal right? Yes, I realize this achievement would mean a lot more if we didn’t get our first mounts at level 20 now.

Though that change has been in-game for a while, for someone who has been around since the Vanilla WoW days I still find it a little hard to wrap my head around it, especially since I left the game not long after it was implemented. I guess I can’t complain; this is going to shave hours off travel time in the long run, and I can only rejoice. This should help make traversing the Barrens a lot less painful now.

In any case, this is still cause for a celebration because I’m excited that for the first time ever, I have a Horde mount.


Horse And Home

May 6, 2010

I was ecstatic the first time I bought a house in Lord of the Rings Online. In fact, Player Housing was THE feature I was looking forward to most when I started the game. I couldn’t wait to get a place to call my own, a personal space I could customize and where my character can escape to for some private time. Not to mention I just love me some interior decorating, even in games! Damn, how I wish I still had screenshots of some of the Sims 3 living rooms I’ve done in the past…

Anyway, back when I was still on my Elf Champion, as soon as I reached the appropriate level I scraped together all the coin I had and bought myself a little Hobbit house. I was poor as a church mouse for several days afterward, but it was worth it. I’m displaying more self-restraint his time around on my Hobbit Minstrel, however, and waited until I was sitting on a comfortable amount of money before I took Kiskadee house-hunting.

Hobbits are probably happiest in Hobbit holes, but I decided I wanted something new this time around. And since Dwarven walls make me claustrophobic and Elf houses are a little too ostentatious for my tastes, I settled on a modest homestead in the human lands.

Yay, finally a house of my own -- a LOTRO milestone!

It’s only a small standard house, but it’ll do just fine for now. How much room does a Hobbit need anyway? And while Kiskadee has been a bit smarter with her finances, she’s still not rich enough to go on a furniture buying binge just yet. As a result, the inside is also looking kind of scant, but a blazing fireplace in the corner makes for a cozy picture. So far, the only thing I’ve placed is my bed and I was very impressed by the fact I could adjust its orientation even after I’ve slotted it in its “decorating hook”. Oh man, getting more furniture is going to rock.

An empty house except for a bed. Hmm, reminds me of my first apartment.

But that’s not all. A few days ago, I also got myself a starter mount. Nothing says “I’m-all-grown-up-now” like owning your own home and having a horse in the stable.

Another milestone of sorts. Sure, it's a little slow, but it's a start!

Staring at my pony’s fat bouncy rump while it runs, however, is a little infuriating. All I can think of is my little pony, my little pony, isn’t the world a lovely place? My little pony, my little pony, everywhere you go, a smiling face! Is the song stuck in your head yet? Good, welcome to my world of pain.