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TSW Monday: The Night In Pictures

November 19, 2013

Last night’s session of The Secret World Monday was another mixed-bag for the Knights of Mercy. For the second week in a row, we had a large showing and was able to put together two groups for some scenario running and Aureus/Oreo farming. One twist, though — we thought we might be able to slip into a harder version of a solo scenario for some extra rewards. Unfortunately, our attempts to entire a Nightmare solo scenario with a group of 5 were ultimately cockblocked, to say nothing of our plans of entering a scenario with a raid…which didn’t work either, obviously! But hey, nothing ventured nothing gained, right?


If nothing else, it was an interesting experiment. That, my friends, is a picture of the simulation leaving half our raid behind. The suckers in our group were thus transported to a Elite Group scenario, of which we promptly got the hell out.


Please disregard the dead vampire. And awkward horse is awkward.

We are ever so eager to be in a raid group, aren’t we? And with the numbers that are consistently showing up for Secret Mondays, we definitely have enough to fill a full group. But even if we wanted to enter a raid dungeon for shits and giggles we wouldn’t be able to, not until we have everyone past the Gatekeeper. And as such, we will continue to run Elites until we do.


Which explains how we found ourselves in The Facility last night. Honestly, I remembered this dungeon as being a lot more fun. And it really wasn’t so bad, until like the dozenth time we were handed our butts by the computer core boss. Quite possibly the worst boss in the entire game, because so much is dependent on luck and being quick enough on your feet to not get balled or lasered. I still hate The Facility less than The Slaughterhouse though, by a wide margin.TSW2

But as ever, persistence pays off. The Facility was conquered in the late hours, and a couple more guildies are closer to completing their achievement. Now time to goof off…


I think we earned it.

And the other highlight of the night: I completed another deck, the Templar Magus. Two more decks to go and I can start working on the Panoptic Core. It’s always been slow going for me, playing TSW only once or twice a week, and it’s going to be even slower now with the new augmentation system added to eat up my AP. But on the bright side, there will always be something for me to do.


Showing off my new Magus outfit, as Sctrz looks on in awed admiration!


Secret Mondays: Elite Ankh Cleared

June 4, 2013

Another week, another Monday night with The Secret World, and the Knights of Mercy are just gonna keep chiseling away at this game one dirty balls joke at a time until we polish off all the elite instances!

I went into this version of The Ankh with some dread and apprehension, but we did manage to complete it last night, which means I’m one more step closer to going toe-to-toe with the Gatekeeper and unlocking Nightmare dungeons. I haven’t decided if it’s a good idea to press on to Elite Hell Fallen yet, or maybe we should go back to some of the earlier instances and farm some more gear for guildies first.

Here’s a picture of the team last night, which includes Solaris, Piddy-Cent and Chucho. I would be the chipper looking dame second to left dressed like a used car salesman, because I figured that a red flowery blazer would be the perfect thing to brighten up this filth-choked hellhole.

Elite Ankh



Screenshot Of The Day: The Unicorn Whisperer

May 28, 2013

What I wore for The Secret World Monday:


I don’t remember exactly who it was, but a couple weeks ago during one of our regular hangouts on Teamspeak, a guildie mentioned I should totally buy the unicorn mask and take a screenshot with my husband in the horse mask.

Uh, hey, whatever rocks your socks! Ask and you shall receive!

Now ain’t that a frightening sight. *SHUDDER*


Screenshots Of The Day: Good To Be Back In TSW

May 21, 2013

After being on vacation and gone for week, it’s mighty good to be back for The Secret World Mondays. It’s amazing how quickly your fingers can forget the controls even after such a short time, and playing a ton of Neverwinter over the last couple of weeks sure didn’t help (I couldn’t stop pressing F for everything).

Our Secret Monday group is officially moving onto Elite dungeons now. Last time we were able to clear through Elite Polaris and Inferno, and last night we were able to clear Elite Inferno again with one group and Elite Darkness War with another.

Inferno team: Syp, Rowan, Sctrz (off screen in this particular cutscene…my apologies!), Thermic, Laeyn


Darkness War team: TententaclesPid, PaganRites, Thermic, Laeyn. There’s probably a joke in here somewhere. A kungfu master, an astronaut and an Egyptian god walk into a bar and…never mind.

darkness war

Who knows, maybe next week the Knights of Mercy will venture into Elite Ankh. Hold me!

And last but not least (the feature I’m sure y’all are all dying for), what I wore for TSW Monday:

Look at me! Look at me! I’m a daredevil skydiving construction worker! Yeppers.

Daredevil construction worker


TSW: Some Screenies From Elite Night

May 7, 2013

You’re always bound to see some strange and disturbing things on The Secret World Mondays.

Case in point — here, enjoy a picture of a wild-eyed horse in a bloodstained sweatshirt sitting next to a well-dressed man in a helicopter, gawking at one another as it crashes. Yeah, this one is probably one of the more bizarre screenshots I’ve ever taken, even for TSW…

Elite Polaris 1

Last night, we hit up Elite Polaris. After foiling our last couple of attempts, the Ur-Draug finally succumbed to the awesome might of the Mercy Templars (plus one Lumie):

Elite Polaris 2

A spontaneous run of Elite Inferno also yielded favorable results. The place gave us a lot less trouble than I expected, but then again I’m also more familiar with this dungeon than any of the others. It happens to be my favorite instance, not the least of all because of the stunning visuals.

Er, wait. I didn’t mean those kind of visuals. “So sorry” indeed! I do swear this is a PG-13 blog!

Elite Inferno 1

And of course, no TSW picture post would be complete without the “What I wore for TSW Monday” feature.

Laeyn was ninja-ing around last night in the spiffy Assassinatrix uniform, with the glowy-eyes effect from the glowing lunar draug mask:



Screenshot Of The Day: Super Sleuthing!

April 30, 2013

Elite Polaris

Five Templars walk into Elite Polaris…


Screenshot Of The Day: Go Moosies

April 16, 2013


I’m at the point in The Secret World where I’m picking off quests I haven’t done yet, using the achievements window to guide me. Why it took me so long, I have no idea — as there are so many of them that give you cool clothing pieces on completion. Finally got my nifty antler hat last night, the reward for doing all the fae quests in Transylvania.

On another note, there were problems with certain social features in game after the patch in yesterday, so I apologize to any TSWers if I was incommunicado through any of the chat channels. It’s like I always say, random stuff breaking in this game just seems to be a part of the fun! You either embrace it, or go crazy.