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No Hacking For You

April 29, 2010

My husband surprised me tonight, by presenting me with my own Blizzard Authenticator. He knows I’m not playing World of Warcraft right not, but he sees no reason why I shouldn’t protect my account anyway. He got himself one too, and I guess it couldn’t have come at a better time. Apparently, our guild bank was hacked “yet again”, through two members, a father and daughter, who probably shared the same computer and were hit by the same keylogger. *Smacks forehead* You’ve gotta be real careful these days.

Anyway, I’m fighting the urge to test it out right now, or to check in to see if I got a pet in the mail (I should be getting a Core Hound Pup, right?) Must…resist! Oh well, at least when Cataclysm comes, I WILL be prepared (wait, wrong expansion!)