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SWTOR News From The UK — Just In Time For Breakfast

May 13, 2010

From Eurogamer: each class in Star Wars: The Old Republic will each go on to split further into two Advanced Classes, giving us a total of 16 specialized career choices.

Also, the Galactic Struggle notes the playable Rattataki species. Boom. From the Eurogamer Hands-On article:

Worth mentioning at this stage – this is the first non-human playable race. When I ask about others, I’m given an entertainingly evasive answer that they’d only be using humanoid races because love scenes get weird with blobs.

Great. Now I’ll have this image stuck in my head ALL DAY LONG:

Even the creepy thought of her and Luke kissing is infinitely less vomit-inducing.

Yeah, yeah, I know, Hutts need lovin’ too.


Another Friday, Another SWTOR Update

April 30, 2010

Make that several updates. I have a feeling we’ll be getting more and more news about Star Wars: The Old Republic, at least from now until E3. My insides are already trembling with anticipation, wondering what Bioware could reveal there in June. Or maybe that’s just my stomach growling, was too busy working to eat lunch today.

This week’s biggest update, of course, is another tab revealed in the holonet record: Inhabitants! Looks like here’s where they’re going to feature the droids, creatures and humanoids of the game. I’m trying to reign in my excitement, however, as the way it looks now, the list of entries read more like a bestiary of critters, though it’s not stopping people from hoping that at least the Trandoshan will be a playable race.

Bossk says, make our race playable plz, kthxbai.

We also have updates to the Biographies page, with the additions of Darth Malgus (Empire), The Mandalore (Independent), and General Garza (Republic). For some reason, General Garza’s appearance and description remind me of President Allison Taylor from 24, especially with the shenanigans the latter is up to in the series right now.

Finally, Darth Malgus, or better known as the guy who led the devastating siege on the Jedi Temple during the sacking of Coruscant in the Deceived trailer,  is getting his very own novel detailing his Jedi-killing exploits. It’s not going on sale until December, but I know I’ll probably read it, as long as there’s a Kindle edition available.

By the way, have you ever wondered what those weird little symbols across some of the holonet records are? It’s Aurebesh, the writing system or alphabet used to represent the Basic language in the Star Wars universe. Ever the stickler for details, Bioware has included little messages on their pages written in Aurebesh, and fans on the forums have compiled all of them, translated, on a nifty little site called The Holonet Project. I’ve been checking it for a while now, and it’s a great resource for those who are interested in getting some extra hints (or humor) from the holonet entries.

For example, one of the lines in the Salky Hound entry reads: “Beware of dog.”

Oh, Bioware.


What Did We Do To Deserve All These Goodies?

April 23, 2010

The first issue of Blood of the Empire is here! If you haven’t heard of it, that’s the new webcomic that was announced last month at the Star Wars: The Old Republic website. And now it’s part of today’s Friday Update. I quite enjoyed the last webcomic Threat of Peace (the hard copy is also coming out soon) so I’m looking forward to this one, which will feature a new perspective following the young Sith apprentice Teneb Kel.

We also got a Fan Friday, which was what a lot of us were expecting over at the SWTOR forums. The flow of information coming out about the game seems to be speeding up as we get closer and closer to E3, which was what the developers had said was going to happen.

Some of the highlights from the Fan Friday include a short work-in-progress video featuring some environment effects, which look amazing. As well, now I know how I’ll be getting around in a crazy ecumenopolis like Coruscant — a space taxi!

A good indication that we'll also get "mounts", perhaps?

SWTOR fans also got an extra treat yesterday with a new developer video on combat at the website. That’s the real news that’s making a splash and has gamers drooling all over themselves. I wouldn’t be a very good Bioware fan if I didn’t at least make a mention of it.

My favorite moment: "Get over here!" a la Scorpion in Mortal Combat! Who needs a silly little lightsaber?

“If you’re a player who wants to just get in there and wreak havoc, you can be maybe a Bounty Hunter or Trooper.”

Roger that, Bioware!

Bounty Hunters (my class of choice) got some extra love in the video. It appears they will be getting several cool abilities that are just positively nerdgasm-inducing: carbonite sprays, rocket backpacks and grappling hooks, oh my! Puny Jedi of the Republic, tremble before me because I’m coming for you!

The entire video is filled with spectacular looking footage and the combat looks very fun to me. Impressive, considering the release date is still a good year away. Definitely worth checking out.

They went all out this week, which begs the question — what’s next? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a webcomic to read.


Insolence Will be Met With Force Lightning

March 19, 2010

As expected, the new update at the Star Wars: The Old Republic site today was a Fan Friday, showcasing some community creations and a Developer Corner.

Today’s tidbits:

– A video that takes a look at the force lightning effects of the Sith Inquisitor, which invoked some mixed reactions from me. I’m quite impressed by them; the abilities themselves seem quite powerful (looks like some AoE, a little crowd control, and a little bit of wheee, let’s send ’em flying!) and seem very well done graphically, at least at first glance. Fans of Knights of the Old Republic might be thinking, “Whoa, deja vu” when they see the whirlwind animation, and a part of me does think that it looks a bit out of place.

– Confirmation of character customization options, showing us a sample of the available facial tattoos, make-up, skin tones, hairstyles and dare I say, even a hint at some choice in jewelry and other adornments. And this is just the humans. I never had a doubt that we would be able to make our characters unique.

Surprise, surprise, overall this has been a Fan Friday I really enjoyed.


Here There Be Rancors

February 19, 2010

Another new Fan Friday update from the official Star Wars: The Old Republic site today. Personally, I always enjoy the fan creations (particularly the art) but I can also understand how some people can find these types of updates disappointing, especially if they were anticipating something more this week. But before the dissent can ripple through the community, we remind ourselves that all the new Fan Fridays now will be bundled with a feature called Developer’s Corner, where we get to catch glimpses into what the devs have been working on.

Today’s tidbits:

– There’s a short video on the destructive power of the Republic class Trooper, where we can see him pelting a helpless droid with a rain of blaster fire. I like how smooth the animation looks so far, and gotta love the little hand waving motion he does at the end to shake out those cramps. Firing that thing must feel a little like handling a jackhammer.

– And what’s this? Rancors? Rancors! Thank you, Bioware! At the risk of sounding like a gigantic nerd, let me just say this creature render is just full of pure win. Isn’t she a beauty? Well…not literally, of course.

I can’t help it, just knowing that rancors will be in this game makes me excited. That Luke Skywalker vs. the rancor scene from Return of the Jedi has captivated me ever since I was a child. And one of my favorite Star Wars novels, The Courtship of Princess Leia, featured Nightsisters who rode on these things on Dathomir. It would be amazing if these creatures turned out to be a type of enemy boss in SWTOR. While the idea of a rancor mount is irresistibly appealing, I think I’d be happy enough with a good fight with one!


New Kingsmouth Trailer for “The Secret World”

February 2, 2010

Gamespot had an exclusive premiere of a new trailer for The Secret World this past weekend, and since I’m actively following the development of this game I thought I’d share it here.

The trailer hints at a major “incident” that has occurred at the town of Kingsmouth, the first location to be revealed in the game (in case you haven’t seen it already, here’s a link to the town’s website, pre-incident). It also reveals “first actual gameplay footage”, but a word of advice–take that with a grain of salt. In point of fact, this video is nowhere near as tantalizing as some of the other trailers we’ve seen for the game, and as teasers go, it’s not exactly awe-inspiring. Still, it’s feeding the hype and I’m not any less excited for this game.

Funcom, for the love of God, please do not screw this one up!


Fan Fridays Just Got a Little Better

January 15, 2010

The hype is still very much alive even after the news that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be due for a spring 2011 release. I went to the SWTOR website this morning and saw a new installment of the Threat of Peace comic…and what’s this? A Developer’s Corner in a Fan Friday?

Here we see some facial customization options, like the addition of scars and burns to your character. Not my thing (I prefer the faces of my MMO ladies blemish-free, thanks) but it’s still a welcoming confirmation to a lot of fans. But really, I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Bioware. There’s also a short clip of a big red shield on Balmorra being bombarded. Okaaaay. What’s this? Bombardment from space? PVP? Arg, stop teasing us, please.

I’ve noticed that people aren’t too generally interested in the Fan Friday feature, and I have to wonder if the new model is a direct response to some of the, um…less than complacent reactions of fans towards the release date window.