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Riftshot Of The Day: Not Fair, I Want What She’s Wearing…

October 3, 2011

When it comes to my Rift veteran rewards, I love the skirt in the back of my Centurion chest piece, but to be honest, I would still so much have preferred the gold bikini version…

Starting with Update 1.5 that recently went live, being a veteran of the game meant getting some pretty nice rewards, including stuff like several new pieces for my wardrobe and Jeeves my personal vendor. It’s the kind of fluff I love. It also reminded me that I’ve been subscriber continuously since launch, never once having to pine for more content in part because the hardworking Trion team is constantly churning out those updates.

So it is a little sad when I think about the inevitability of my Rift sub coming to an end — if not now, very soon. And not just because the Star Wars: The Old Republic launch is around the corner. Fall 2011 is also the season of single-player games for me, and as well in my personal life, a time for getting ready for some major changes to come. I’m proud to support Trion, to be a Rift veteran, and no matter what, it’s always a pleasure to adventure in Telara.