ESO: Storming Spindleclutch

April 14, 2014


The first time in a new MMO’s dungeon is always such a learning experience — it not only gives you such insight on the play style of your role or class, but also into the game and its mechanics as well.

On Friday night my husband and I along with guildies Tententacles and Ryan ventured into Spindleclutch (with Musei cheering us on in the sidelines and Pid setting up to go next in round 2), the first instance in The Elder Scrolls Online. I hadn’t gotten the chance to try any group content in beta, so it was all new to me. First of all, four seemed like a curious number for group size, but if it worked for Star Wars: The Old Republic, no reason it shouldn’t for ESO.


Thus far I’d been leveling with a sort-of-tank-sort-of-damage build so I wasn’t sure how I would fare, but I was reassured by the fact that most group make-ups can handle the instance without much problem as long as there’s some heals. It took a lot of the pressure off and I saw it as a way to learn the ropes and practice…even if I didn’t have an optimized tank build or abilities.

Let’s just say there was definitely a lot of flailing involved on my part! But it’s so much easier once you know who to target (healer mobs die first!), when to dodge (there’s a lot of that) and for the love of the Nine Divines keep up your stamina and magicka stores for your taunt and evade abilities. Once we got that down, it was all smooth-going. Though, ah, still quite explosive.


For a first instance I was surprised to see it was pretty well balanced in terms of difficulty. I’d dreaded being in there for hours and was all prepared for wipe after wipe…but for the amount of time we were in there frustration was minimal and it was very painless. More importantly, I definitely know where my build needs work. Overall a very awesome time!


  1. I have no idea what role I am. (Nightblade weather medium leather and doing a lot of Siphoning). I’ve yet to do any MP content. Soon I hope.

    • “weather” medium leather? I mean wearing… doh!

    • I figured that’s what you meant 😀

      And Nightblade doing a lot of siphoning sounds right. I played an NB during beta and kept dying until I put points in siphoning. Then suddenly everything clicked! LOL

  2. Tried to get into a group last night, but I found the grouping system to be… less than optimal. I thought a healer would have an easier time of it. I only had one group member ever show up and he was one of those idiotic jumping all over the place sorts. I actually took the quest alone and walked into the first room – twice. The second time I thought I’d just run back to the NPCs and they’d have to help. Hahahahahaha. I’m such a chump at times. Anyway, glad to read someone got it done. I didn’t want to move out of Glenumbra until I got a chance at everything and Spindleclutch is still on the list.

    • I wasn’t even aware there was a real grouping system, LOL. I think the current thing people do is show up in front of the entrance and just solicit others. Which would explain why I was being bombarded by invites when I wandered too close to Spindleclutch, while not in a group!

  3. I made it through Spindleclutch in a guild group with House Stalwart this weekend. Was much fun! Belghast was our tank and even though he was wickedly over level for the zone, he was quick to point out that the power curve is remarkably flat, so he definitely still had to be careful with his pulls and needed heals in spite of being 10 or 12 levels above it.

    I’ve got my own post, but since I did a crapton of stuff this weekend and didn’t break it down into individual posts. . . Spindleclutch is merely a passing mention. But then so are the other 3 dungeons I ran too. Such is life, no?

    • It’s good to know the group content remains challenging. It was actually a lot less stressful than I anticipated, and even though I had no idea how to tank, we did fairly well with only a couple wipes on the big pulls, and once we realized which mobs were the healers and killed them off quick, it was smooth sailing from there.

      I can’t wait to check out the other dungeons.

  4. Seems you all had fun.

    • Yep, group content is always much more fun with guildies 😀

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