Screenshot Of The Day: TSW

June 24, 2014

parking garage

Parking garages are horrible places to be in The Secret World…


  1. Okay. That is weirdly spooky.

    • That’s pretty much TSW!

  2. The one place that backpedaling is mandatory.

    Seriously, parking garages in this game can go to hell (and they probably are).

    • I didn’t actually figure that out until after we finished the quest. My husband and I ran around like headless chickens and managed to somehow make it! After a lot of deaths XD

      • I carefully worked my way through most of the parking garage, but after dying a few times on the last level with the swarm of those little freaky kids, I just ran for it. The constant static flashes and noise was incredibly unsettling, but I made it!

  3. Boy I miss TSW.

    • I wonder why you -miss- it. If you played it, your account exists. You can play any time. What’s stopping you?

  4. The weeping angels are after you, indeed.

    @Jaye Dub: If you miss TSW, it still exists and loging in is possible. 🙂

    • That was a very clever mechanic. I was too freaked out to figure it out at the time 😛

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