The Secret World: The Belated Halloween Event

November 4, 2014

The Secret World Halloween update that was supposed to have gone live on October 20 didn’t happen. It didn’t happen the week after either. It finally dropped, the day before Halloween or thereabouts, and I didn’t get the chance to check it out until last night’s session of TSW Monday, along with Tententacles, Syp and Winin, who has recently come back to the game and is checking out the Meowling cat quest from previous years.

The new quest for this year is The Broadcast, given to us by NPC Dave Screed the conspiracy theorist and weird magazine editor in NYC. Needless to say I won’t be revealing any specific/spoilerific details here, but there will be images galore to tease the content. It’s a pretty fun one, and if you like “haunted house” themes in games, you should definitely play the mission for yourself to see what the folks at Funcom have come up with. It’s pretty spooky!


The good old “ghostly figure in an old sepia photograph” effect.


Eek! The eyes, they’re everywhere!

around the corner

Who is that figure standing there just around the corner?

mission boss fight

The mission boss fight.


Post-quest celebration: getting our Thriller on!

Though, Chucho’s (center) outfit might possibly be the scariest thing I saw last night.


  1. How long do you think it will go on?

    • Since they started late, it’ll run on for a couple weeks into November until the 13th!

  2. It goes until November 13th.

  3. A couple of weeks, I believe.

    • Gah! should have reloaded before commenting.

  4. I really think TSW’s Halloween events get better every year. Cat God wasn’t necessarily the best, but Spooky Stories was excellent despite obviously being done on the cheap, and now the Broadcast is just fantastic. Not only one of the best holiday missions in the game, but maybe one of the best missions period.

    I quite like how all the rewards can be traded this time, too. That should be the standard for events like this. Get thee behind me, RNG-Satan!

    It is a bit of a shame it was so delayed. For a while there, the dev team seemed to finally be bouncing back; it’s disheartening to see them stumble on something as publicized and beloved as Halloween. But at least the wait was worth it.

    • Heck yeah, I’m going to have to plunder the AH with whatever pax I have next week and pick up whatever loot I still don’t have that I want 😀

      • I took to selling off some of my purple signets and high level AEGIS gear. I’m one step above turning tricks in Darkside.

        But I must have all the shinies.

        I must.

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