To Ilum, We Must Go

October 8, 2010

Note: This will be my last post for the next little while, as I am sailing out tomorrow. Even a year after our wedding, Mr. MMOGC and I never really had our honeymoon because of all the hassle of living apart while we waited for me to join him in the US, but that’s going to be rectified now that we’re together! Have a good week everyone, and I’ll be brief.

The Friday Star Wars: The Old Republic Update is Ilum!

[YouTube= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5_OMJqhiyI&sns%5D

MMOGC’s bright and sunny side says: “Nice, the SWTOR fans finally get the real ice planet they always wanted, one that doesn’t look like a chunk of month-old moldy cheese! Huzzah!”

MMOGC’s grouchy, cantankerous side says: “NooOOoooOOooOOoo! Hunter is one step closer to winning our bet that there will be at least 24 planets at launch! At this rate he’ll be takin’ all my credits, I tells ya!”

I was a bit surprised we had a new planet update today, but it’s a new month so I guess we’re due for one. That it turned out to be Ilum was not so much of a shocker. It’s inclusion is definitely a good choice, given that it’s most famous for being home to the green and blue Adegan crystals used as a component in Jedi lightsabers. I smelled that Jedi class quest coming from a mile away.

They’ve written an interesting description for Ilum that indicates that there will be more to the planet, however, so that both factions and all the classes get to have some fun. History has shown that Bioware fares amazingly well at adding their own creative flares to the Star Wars universe to make it a better and more intriguing place, and I am wondering how they are going manage that with Ilum in SWTOR. What could these resources “of far greater value than anyone ever imagined” possibly be? The way they describe the Sith Empire wresting control and the Jedi’s determination to get down to the bottom of things, why, that makes it sound like there may even be some PvP…


  1. I hope you guys have an awesome time. I wish you both all the best. Will also be looking forward to your return. In a very short time you have rocketed up my list of favorite blogs.


    • Thank you for your kind words! I am quite fond of your blog myself! 🙂

  2. Ilum is one of my most anticipated destinations of the planet reveals. “Step aside Imps I’m here for crystals!” That world video is fantastic (though much too short!)

    Have a GREAT honeymoon.

    • It truly was too short…but I agree, Ilum looked great in every second of it!

  3. I love how there was stuff actually going on in the video, unlike other planet videos. Even if it was distant and short.

    • Yeah I was really pleasantly surprised to see there was even some fighting in the video

  4. Have a good honeymoon!

  5. Hope you have an awesome trip.

  6. Sweet! Have a great time. Where are y’all headed?

    As far as the update. For once, I didn’t depend on you to let me know what’s going on; I headed to SWTOR.com directly. Can’t say that Ilum surprises me, either. Given how important it is in Jedi lore. I get more excite for this the closer it gets.

    • We went on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean on the biggest cruise ship on the world right now. We hit up Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Maarten

  7. I hope you have a great trip!! Be safe!

  8. Enjoy!

  9. There can never be enough snow worlds, in my opinion. I love winter as a season, and I love seeing ice and snow in TOR. It puts a smile on my face.

    As far as what sort of content will be seen on the surface of Ilum, I also see strong hints toward PvP. I also see nods toward a possible “Star Forge” type of weapon that the Empire may be trying to obtain. If done right, I could see that storyline being very interesting. (Being BioWare, I have absolutely no doubts about their ability to deliver on the story end.)

    On the subject of your departure, congrats to you and Mr. MMOGC. Have a great vacation & belated honeymoon. Enjoy your time away from the real world for a bit.lol

    • I have a soft spot in my heart for snow/ice worlds too! But unlike you it’s probably because I hate the cold so much in real life LOL! But seriously though, I think the snow worlds in games are always the prettiest, imo. And from what I can see from that video we won’t be disappointed

  10. Hope you guys have a great – if belated – honeymoon! 🙂

    Here’s a tip I found: tell everyone you meet it’s your honeymoon and you’ll probably get lots of free loot 😉

    • Heh heh we got upgraded to first class seats on our plane ride because of that 😛

  11. Much too late, but I hope you both have/had a great time. 🙂

  12. Thank you for your kind wishes everyone! We had a great time, but it feels good to be back. Now hopefully this tan I got will last me the winter!

  13. […] and even though it’s been more than three months between Quesh and the last planet reveal of Ilum, I don’t doubt we’ll be seeing at least another planet before release. I can’t […]

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