STO Crew Reporting for Duty!

February 4, 2010

My fellow starship captain over at Warp Core Breach wrote a fantastic article featuring his Star Trek Online crew the other day, and I loved it so much I thought I would attempt my own “meet the crew” post here. It’s not going to be anywhere near as well done as his, as I’m still just a fledgling Star Trek fan (was always more of a Star Wars kinda girl growing up *runs and ducks for cover*). I’m definitely going to try my best to learn what I can about the IP though, as knowing little to nothing about it right now sure puts a serious damper on roleplaying.

The best part about doing all this, of course, is I finally got to sit down and customize my bridge officers until I got them looking exactly the way I wanted. I really enjoyed building them from the ground up, designing and dressing them up in their spiffy uniforms, choosing their hairstyles and yes, I’m well aware that my inner girly-girl is showing, but no one’s going to be looking like a scrub on board the U.S.S. Tundra, no sir!

Our Fearless Leader, T’Androma

While her feisty attitude and “shoot first, ask questions later” reputation has made some Starfleet members wary, few would dispute the importance of officers like T’Androma in the Federation — the kind who is not afraid of the enemy. Dedicated and passionate about her work, this young Vulcan values efficiency above all else, and often takes the most direct approach when trying to solve a problem. This along with a love for phaser-fire and explosions has sometimes led her colleagues to describe her actions as reckless, but in spite of this, no one will disagree that in a battle, T’Androma is a force to be reckoned with.


The first bridge officer to join the crew, Sleer has a job that no envies. This Vulcan male’s sole purpose on the team is to keep our fearless leader alive on the ground. Wherever T’Androma goes, he goes, no exceptions. That means, when she’s solving a mystery on a spacedock, Sleer is there. When she’s scanning for anomalies on an alien world, Sleer is there. And when she’s running head on and screaming at the top of her lungs into a group of hostile Klingons, Braveheart style — yep, you got it. Sleer is there.

Donny C. Landsberry

A good crew requires a good engineering officer, and thus explains the addition of Donny to the roster. Good thing he enjoys outdoor activities, as he is currently a permanent member on the away team. Donny also likes ice climbing, detective fiction, and playing with chroniton mines. Dislikes: Altairian brandy and mean people.

Pinem Yltelav

Pinem was the third bridge officer and the second engineering officer to join the crew. Originally on the away team, it was later determined that despite this Andorian’s brawny physical appearance, his abilities were actually better suited on the bridge than on the ground.

Ytap Onseriv

This blue-skinned pretty boy was the next bridge officer to offer the crew his services. Ytap’s tactical skills made him the ideal candidate to fill up the team; as trigger-happy as T’Androma is, she could always use a little back up. Ytap is also invaluable on the bridge, as he is responsible for the high yield torpedoes!


Upon T’Androma’s promotion to Lieutenant Commander, two new bridge officer slots were opened up and Tohuna was added to the team. The Klingon female replaces Pinem on the ground team, and her presence as a second science officer delays the inevitability that is Sleer’s nervous breakdown…well, at least for another day. While originally intended to be a back-up science officer, her crowd control abilities come in handy so often that they may just secure her a permanent spot on the away team.


Affectionately nicknamed “Moomoo” by the crew, this alien male was recruited for the extra tactical ship station aboard the Escort ship U.S.S. Tundra. Customizing this guy was a friggin’ blast. Looks like he’s got the Dr. Manhattan stare perfected.


  1. God your crew is awesome. I think the pretty boy Ytap is my favorite, except suspect he is secretly a Twilight fan (look at this sad yet piercing eyes!) I also love the description of T’Androma and Sleer – man, your ship is crazy.

    The uniforms you made up for your guys are fantastic, as well. I really dig them!

  2. Cool! I had a couple of thoughts:

    1) T’Androma is a “young” Vulcan, eh? I wonder how old that is, considering Vulcan standards of age 😛 (I’m not sure if you knew this about Star Trek, but Vulcans live for like over 200 years). Oh, apparently they live up to 300 years 😛 http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-vulcan.htm

    2) Considering how all Vulcans are supposed to live solely based on logic (and have literally no emotion), I wonder if T’Androma is so violent because she sees that as the most logical solution to the problems she faces? And I wonder if she’s an atypical Vulcan? Maybe she’s got a bit of human blood? Lol. I feel like I’m thinking like a role player now… (yikes)

    • Yeah, I scanned the Vulcan page on the Star Trek wiki when I wrote this…I guess T’Androma is young in the eyes of her people, the way I considered my night elf druid in WoW “young” at 200 years old 😛

      You hit the nail on the head there…I’m jumping into this game with damage as the main focus, both on the ground and in space, so it did cross my mind that my character’s direct approach in combat will mesh well with the logical nature of Vulcans. Gah, I am so nerdy!

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