Garrus is In, Kaidan is Out

February 17, 2010

It looks like I’ll have to re-order my list of top 3 Bioware boyfriends to include Garrus Vakarian, who as an in-game love interest has just blown Kaidan Alenko out of the water. For an alien, he’s proving to be much more adept at satisfying my video game romantic needs than I could ever have imagined. I’ve just passed through the Omega 4 Relay to start my suicide mission, and who should I find waiting for me at my quarters but my favorite Turian, who’s just in time for our blowing-off-steam session.

And what a sweet and utterly adorable scene that was. It’s much shorter and low-key than the racy love scene we were treated to in the first Mass Effect, but the beauty here is in its subtlety — Shepard and Garrus do not even share a kiss (though I admit it wouldn’t have been a very pretty sight getting lip-locked with a character that, well…doesn’t even have lips) but this is still one of the most romantic and touching moments I have ever witnessed in any video game. The chaste scene is for the best…lest we forget the good Dr. Mordin’s warning about chafing (and um…ingesting) when it comes to Human-Turian sexual relations.

So, while Alistair of Dragon Age still takes gold when it come to being my best Bioware boyfriend, Garrus can claim second place, and thus his royal whiny-ness Kaidan Alenko gets booted out of the top three (that’s for Horizon, you dirtbag!). See, Garrus? The galaxy may be messed up place and you’re quite possibly the most awkward and weird-looking alien thingy that ever existed, but yes, there are still some things in this life that can go just right.


  1. and he gets to live! 😦

    • There’s still Mass Effect 3!

      All kidding aside, I don’t want Kaidan to die…but I wouldn’t mind seeing him all heartbroken and angsty when he sees me with his old team buddy Garrus 😛

      • Yasss! I was hoping to see some jealously from Kaidan’s part but nothing. Still I’m so in love with Garrus! ^_^

  2. i know he was the female love interest, but kaiden is still a total tool.

    • I still think his reaction on Horizon was such a cop out. Same goes with Ashley for the male Shepard, but it feels worse with Kaidan because in some ways it was just so TYPICAL. His romance arc didn’t really impress me in the first one and in this game there was that one chance for the character to redeem himself in my eyes and he blew it.

  3. Dude, once I get ME2, my female Shepard is going to be totally torn: Garrius or Chambers?!

    On the bright side, I totally didn’t have a relationship in the first game, so no emotional baggage for me! Also, my Kaidan died. 😦 (I thought he was the more competent of the two, and that Ashley was going to fuck up guarding that damn nuc if left to her own devices.)

    • Oh my god, get thee to a game store and buy ME2 nao!!! 😛

      • REAL LIFE, yo. Also, I’m thinking about replaying ME now that I have a better graphics card.

        AND: FFXIII. Must save.

      • Ah, fair enough. Real life got in the way for me too; was why it took me almost a month to finish that game 😦

  4. real life took a back seat for me. finished me2 in 2 days :s

  5. oops, meant 4 days.

  6. it was me and lettuce head (thane) all the way

    • LOL “lettuce head”…the way they designed his lips bugged the hell out of me.

  7. Gotta say cool I’m not the only one who ditched the dirtbag for breakin my heart on Horizon. Garrus has always been there and never betrayed Shepard. Always wanted dear oblivious Garrus since ME1. xD Glad they finally fit him in, and hope he carries over to ME2 cause Shep has no intentions of leaving her ‘Dark Knight’. lol

    • carry over to me3* I mean

  8. Sorry for the late reply, here–I found this post while googling around.

    If you like Garrus’ voice, his voice actor has a FB fan page over here: http://www.facebook.com/Brandon.J.Keener

    • Ahh, nice. I liked the guy’s voice because it kinda reminded me of Willem Dafoe’s 😛

  9. I’m torn. I really liked Kaidan in the first game, and it hurt on Horizon. But in his defense, he suffered and grieved for two years. Who knows how someone would be affected when seeing the person who caused all that again? Can’t really blame him for being hostile, especially if he thought the person he’d loved did that on purpose. I don’t know.
    On the otherhand, Garrus is loyal and true, always supportive, and if he’d been a romantic option first, then who knows if Kaidan would have been the first choice?
    Of course, there are some awkward options for dating someone so physically different. Would my FemShep never want to kiss again? Never…well, what Mordin said.
    {sigh} Saving the universe is murder on the lovelife.

  10. Mmmmm… Garrus. You know, I never liked Kaiden Alenko, to be honest. Alistair, Carth – yea. Bur Kaiden… I donno. When I played through ME2 firts time I didn’t know he was a romance possibility, knowing bioware – they never gave you aliens before as the romance intrest. Imagine my joy…

    • OMG, Kaiden was so whiny 😛 Really, so was Carth. Actually, Bioware tends to have a lot of whiny men, even Alistair to some extent and he’s my favorite 🙂 But Garrus…he’s something else. The guy is all business and confidence, love it!

  11. Oh, Garrus. I don’t care how taboo our love may be. I’ll take you to the edge of the universe! Let us face oblivion together. If we die, we’ll go to the afterlife together.

  12. To be honest, i’m kinda freaked out by the whole idea of garrus, maybe i’ll warm up to it, but for now i’ve got my sights set on jacob (although i’m still super bummed by kaidan… *big fat mournful sigh*)

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