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*QUESH*! What? No, I Didn’t Just Step In Bantha Poodoo

January 21, 2011

Quesh, quesh, quesh. Maybe it's just me, but that's a pretty unfortunate name for a planet.

Today’s Star Wars: The Old Republic update is a new planet reveal — a valuable yet dangerous world worthy of any environmentalist’s worst nightmare: Quesh. By all accounts, it appears to be a BioWare original, created especially for SWTOR, undoubtedly for the sole purpose of providing us players with another PvP planet. Or at least, I believe all signs point to it being a PvP planet.

Here, check out this video featuring 20 seconds of fly-by footage of some of the polluted, poison-laden and smoke-filled chemical refineries on the toxic surface of New Jersey — er, I mean, Quesh!

If indeed PvP is going to be the main feature of this planet, then Bioware has once again gone above and beyond with the story. When I first read the description for Quesh, I figured the valuable chemicals in its atmosphere was just your typical set-up for yet another Republic vs. Empire quibble over a resource war. In other words — YAWWWWN! But throw in a Hutt cartel war? Hutt-on-Hutt action (Oh God, no…hey! Stop, picturing that, brain!) is something else.

And a Republic and Hutt alliance? Even if it’s with just a few individuals, that’s um…rare…to say the least. But then again, a Hutt’s greed knows no bounds.

For those keeping count, we are now sitting at 17 for the number of planets in SWTOR. The devs weren’t kidding when they said this game’s gonna be huge, and even though it’s been more than three months between Quesh and the last planet reveal of Ilum, I don’t doubt we’ll be seeing at least another planet before release. I can’t really provide the evidence as to why I think so, just that I think it’d be weird to stop at an odd and prime number like 17 (hoorah for totally unscientific and groundless hunches!)

And hey, keep ’em coming. I love planet reveals and can always do with more, even if that number is to reach 24 and I end up losing my bet with Hunter. Haha, it’s been a while, but nope, I haven’t forgotten about that.