Super Trooper

December 24, 2010

I know — really, really cringe-worthy and groan-inducing title. But I have the sniffles and the cold meds make my head feel like someone stuffed my skull full of cotton candy, so bear with me. Please pardon any typos and if I stop making sense, feel free to nod, smile and back away.

Today’s Star Wars: The Old Republic update has been the subject of much speculation over the last week. “It’s Christmas Eve, are they going to give us something extra awesome?” “No, no, no, it’s a holiday weekend, no way it’s going to be anything special.” The actual result? The skeptics were right in that there was no “extra special” reveal for the holidays, but the other camp was right too —  the Friday update was still nothing short of AWSOOOOMMMME!

Today, Bioware says, Dear Troopers, Merry Christmas. Enjoy the goods:

Class video:

I’m Trooper Shepard, and this is my favorite video on the Citadel.

Trooper starship, the BT-7 Thunderclap:

Like I read somewhere, the Thunderclap really does have the look of a love-child between an Imperial Lambda shuttle and a giant B-Wing. Very nice. And very “Republic”, if you know what I mean. Or maybe you don’t. Cold meds, remember.

Trooper companion, Tanno Vik:

I don’t like him. He has the look of a cocky bastard and his description doesn’t exactly report to the contrary, but his “undisciplined and unstoppable” presence could be the key to the question of whether or not you can play a darkside trooper. I say yes, for sure, and it would be believable to boot. I like having the choice, but personally I think I’d feel pretty bad about being an amoral trooper. I’m sure the Republic doesn’t pay me to mow down NPCs.

Playable species for Trooper, Zabrak:

A lot of folks thought the Zabrak would only be available for the Sith, but a very minor character in the SWTOR novel Fatal Alliance made me think otherwise. Yeah, he was sort of a jerk in the book, but a Zabrak Trooper is a Zabrak Trooper, and I had a feeling it was a big hint on possible playable species.

And finally, revealed Advanced Classes to round out the Trooper Dossier.

All in all, a great update. Now bring on the Bounty Hunter!


  1. It would be an understatement to say that I am really looking forward to this game.

  2. your title reminded me of this:

    • Okay, now I remember, I think I HAVE seen this movie…it was so dumb LOL

  3. That BIG gun at the end of the video was breathtaking.

    • Yeah that scene had a “say hello to my little friend!” feel to it, gotta love that 😛

  4. Also, that Tanno Vik guy gives me a zaeed dbag vibe.

    • OMG if Tanno starts speaking with that faux crocodile dundee type accent in the game, I will snap.

  5. i’ve always thought trooper was to mundane a name for the class myself. i want to be playing something cool and special like every other class in the game, not some joe schmoe soldier. I mean they give you a ship, you can’t just be some run of the mill trooper. I guess the subclasses sort of help with that, but still.

    Also I like crocodile dundee, stop dissing the dee.

    • Nothing wrong with the dee, I love the dee! But I do want to drop kick the faux dees off the side of a bridge!

  6. The part where she grenaded the Jedi…awesome.

    • Agreed! Much of that video was all kinds of awesome!

  7. I’ve all but let Trooper fall off my list of potentials. No matter the dps capacity of the commando, all i’m ever going to think of troopers until otherwise? 1. Tank. 2. BH, Smuggler, Agent, Jedi of both styles = > Dps Than Trooper. *shrug*

    That, and i’ve really been pitting the classes head to head on a coolness, and what i figure in my mind, would be storyline factors.

    So far, Bounty Hunter, with way less info, comes off waaaay tighter than Trooper, Smuggler and Agent is SUCH a draw, i guess it’s a matter of style choice there, then the Jedi and Sith……yeah i already have a feeling Sithness is just going to pwn everything in the game considering how the developers are beating me over the head with the idea that Dark Sith Lords aren’t bad people, just misguided, clouded individuals, and even in darkness…their achievements must be respected…more so than ya know, keeping the peace.

    I’m also intrigued by your idear *or what i percieved…i’ll blame the meds* of side betrayals and switching sides. I’d practically die to have a Sith pureblood jedi knight XD.

    • Story line is huge for me too. I’m betting BH will have a pretty good one, but I also like what I’ve seen from the Smuggler and Agent. The Sith and Jedi though? Um…they look fun too, but it just doesn’t really appeal to me. Even in the book, I found the personalities and stories from the non-force users more interesting. The trooper can go both ways, I think. Despite what I said, I think playing a dark side trooper would be a great experience. A trooper doing his or her duty is fine, but…the idea just feels too bland, you know?

      Anyway, if I want to roll a tank on the Republic side, I’ll probably go trooper. I just remember that hands on encounter video at the flash point and the ranged tanking thing intrigued me and looked really good.

  8. I definitely enjoyed the presentation of the Trooper class video. The fact that Jennifer Hale was doing the narration just made it sweeter. Although I’ve never seriously thought of playing a Trooper until maybe my 5th class, I am starting to think I should move it up a bit. Of course, this always seems to happen when BioWare releases new class videos.

    Sorry to hear about your cold. I hope neither it, nor the meds, ruined, in any way, your holidays. Get well soon. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

    The Thunderclap did not amaze me as much as, say, the IA ship did (but then none really have), however, I dig the design. It looks very military, with the bunks, the conference room, docking bay–it looks appropriate for a fighting man of the Old Republic.

    Ok well, I’m going to go stagger off (crazy Christmas, and even crazier New Year ahead), but as always, I enjoyed the blog.

    Like I said above, I hope you get well soon. Take it easy, enjoy some leftovers, and live up the rest of the season. Peace out, MMOGC.

    • Jennifer Hale is an amazing voice actress. I was seriously pumped watching that video. The script was a part of it, but her voice was also huge.

      And I love your comment about the trooper ship looking very military. I never thought about it before, but it’s almost like all the ships have their own personalities. To me, the trooper ship is disciplined, the smuggler ship is laid back, and the agent ship is suave 😀

      Anyway, sorry I couldn’t get back to the comments sooner, but hope you had a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year to you too! Thanks for your warm wishes, I’m feeling a lot better now 🙂 You take care as well!

      • Yes, Jennifer Hale is definitely the bees knees when it comes to female voice actresses. I love her work. (Coincidentally, I am listening to “Bastila Shan” from the original KoTOR soundtrack as I type. One of my favorites.)

        There is no need for any apologies. You can’t control illness, weather, or any of the other things that just tend to happen sometimes. I’m glad to hear you are feeling better, and appreciate the return well wishes.

        You know, one thing about these class videos that I’ve noticed is, I’ve gotten progressively more excited for more of them since they first released the Sith Warrior video.

        My excited anticipation for the next few videos is palpable.

        I’m sure yours must be, as well. If BioWare keeps to releasing classes and their opposite faction counterpart like they have with all the other class videos (SW/JK,Smuggler/IA, Trooper/???), then the next logical class trailer will be the Bounty Hunter.

      • It would have to be! I’m really hoping for the BH next, because it would make sense for them to the pair the force users JC and SI together.

  9. Have you ever seen the old SW parody show TROOPS? I remember seeing that back in the late nineties and just loving it. I wonder if BioWare took any inspiration for their Trooper class from it? 😛

    • LOL no I have not…I gotta look it up on youtube one of these days, it sounds really funny 😀

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