Dear March 2011, I Need More Free Time

January 4, 2011

In the last two days, I’ve made three game pre-orders, all releasing in March 2011.

March 1, 2011: Rift

“We’re  not in Azeroth anymore.” Ha! If there ever was a statement that made me laugh and groan at the same time, that was it.

I had a good time in beta, despite not being completely blown away, but the best part about MMOs is playing with others and quite a few people I know will be adventuring in Telara this Spring, which will likely make playing on the live servers a different and much more enjoyable experience.

March 8, 2011: Dragon Age 2

I’m a big fan of the Dragon Age series. Despite playing Dragon Age: Origins on the Xbox360, my DA2 preorder is for the PC version (I hope I won’t regret my decision) because 1) I prefer playing on a computer if I can, and 2) all new story and protagonist = no reason to port over my DA:O playthrough. I’m aware there will be links to the first game, but I’m thinking if there’s no sweet, sweet Alistair if I can’t continue my human noble’s story, then what the hell’s the point?

Hopefully I’ll get my fill of Rift in before DA2 comes out, but if my obsession with the first game is any indication, it won’t take me more than a few days to finish.

March 22, 2011: The Sims Medieval

One of the changes in The Sims Medieval is a shift in focus towards the “happiness” of your Kingdom versus simply the little lives of your individual Sims. I’m most intrigued by the Quest system.

Really, it’s quite sad how much I’m looking forward to this, but I love The Sims franchise. My husband already makes fun of me whenever I play Sims 3, and when Medieval comes out, something tells me I’ll have to put up with his infernal Monty Python jokes too.


  1. But Monty Python is awesome!

    • True! But I think the man in my life takes it to a whole different level 😛

  2. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll preorder anything yet or wait until I’m actually going to play. I still have yet to play Dragon Age 1 even though it’s been in my backlog forever and is a Bioware game and is supposed to be great! (I did finally play Jade Empire last year though. 🙂 )

    I’ll probably end up pre-ordering Sims Medieval though (along with EQ2 Velious expansion and the Sims 3 Outdoor Living stuff pack).

    • I have owned every Sims game and almost every expac. I still haven’t gotten any for Sims 3. I figured I was going to wait to buy those early this year, but now that Medieval on the horizon, maybe I’ll just not get them at all and wait to put my full attention into the game.

      Dragon Age IS great! But I do think it’s a game you either love or hate. It’s darker, so peeps who enjoy Mass Effect thinking they’ll get kinda the same with DA will be disappointed. I figure liking the fantasy genre helps a lot too, because it so happens every one of my non-fantasy lover friends did not like it.

  3. I have all three pre-ordered as well.

    I had a great time in Rift Beta 3 which sold me on the game. Met great people and the game starts to get away from that ‘more of the same’ feel after lvl 10. Sims Midieval is going to kick arse! Bioware is my fave dev of all time so I can’t pass up DA2 (though I’m a little scared about the direction the game is taking).

    • Meh I played the first 2 Beta events and i think if an MMO doesn’t grab you in teh first 10 levels they have failed. A good game should be fun from level 1. I wont be ordering Rift.

      • I don’t know if I agree with the “fun from level 1” statement, because if that was the case, my MMO list would have been a lot shorter! However, I do agree 10 levels is plenty enough to get the feel for a game and decide whether you’ll like it or not. But a caveat I have to remember is that I wouldn’t have subbed to STO if that was how I’d decided whether or not to give the game a chance. I remember liking the space combat, but quickly being exasperated with it when I discovered the Miranda maneuvered like a whale in space. After getting my first ship, the game really took off, so I have to remind myself there is rare exception to the rule.

    • I was a little disappointed with the decisions Bioware made in DA2; I got quite attached to my character and the other NPCs and would have loved a continuation. I guess I’ll have to find out the rest of the story from books, if they publish any more 🙂 I’m intrigued by the new protagonist, even though you can’t customize the character much beyond the gender, similar to Mass Effect. My experience with Bioware games tells me they never make their big decisions trivially though, so I trust they know what they are doing, and expect a fun game 🙂

  4. All three games sound like they could be cool. I just don’t know how much time I’ll have to play. With DGF getting into WoW, my interest and time for other games is on the wane. SWTOR is the one new game I know I want to try.

    Now get me a shrubbery!!

    • Hardee har!

      I don’t know how much time I’ll get to play either. The problem with the games that interest me today is that they are mostly long term time-guzzlers. Rift is an MMO, enough said. The Sims Medieval is singleplayer, but meant really to be played over a long period of time. If all the games on my list were like DA2 on the other hand — play the crap out of it for 3 days, done and done — I would have a much easier time getting through my to-play list.

  5. March is looking pretty grim. 2011 just generally honestly. GW II, SWToR, Rifts. . . Diablo III, Mass Effect III, DA II. I’m not made of spare time!

    • Oh God, I didn’t even consider some of those games. I hope they release later on in the year, my Spring is already spoken for!

  6. I’m not sure March will be that bad honestly. Rift may take up some time, but I never finished DA1 so I’m not sure I’ll even bother with DA2. The Sims game looks interesting, but I’ve thought that about Sims games before and they’ve always disappointed me.

    Having some free gaming time would be nice anyway though since I still haven’t finished Arkham Asylum yet.

    • You preordered Rift as well? I wasn’t sure you would. But I’m glad! I’m sure every one will have to get together and coordinate servers and faction at some point.

      You have to finish Arkham!

      • I actually haven’t yet but I probably will.

  7. 2011 just called, she says no to your request for more free time!

    • 😦

      Perhaps April will be a kinder mistress?

  8. Omg sims 3 sounds amazing 😀

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