Riftshot Of The Day: Swift Silver

May 30, 2011

Okay. There. Finally. I feel like the last 50 to get their fast mount, considering how long I’ve spent at this level.

Ironic thing is, ever since then, I’ve actually probably made enough plat to afford this thing 3 times over by now. Just goes to show how much money I blow instead on pretty outfits and artifacts in the auction house. Shinies before swiftness!


  1. Sorry, nope. I’ve been 50 forever, and still don’t have my mount, seem to spend all my cash on soul repairs, 1p5g a time!

    • Oop, yep, forgot about soul repairs. And crafting. So many things that suck my plat reserves dry.

  2. Grats on the mount. It took me a while to get it too. But I finally sat down, did all daily quests in IPP, Shimmersands and Stillmoor, and sold all whatever junk I can get just to get me the mount.

    • Thanks. Granted I made most of my money off the AH. I guess I could have gotten this mount faster if I had done dailies too…but I can’t stand them 😛

      • I don’t like dailies (or even quests) either. But I was getting sick of traveling slow.

      • It is nice. I beat like 4 people today to rifts/coins/nodes today MUAHAHAHAHA!

  3. You are definitely not the last 50 to get their fast mount. I’ve be 50 for quite a while and only have about 30 platinum to my name.

    • After splurging on this thing I have about 5 plat to my name, so we can start a support group for poor 50s 😛

  4. I’ve been 50 for a while and riding 90 percent. I had enough once, but I spent it on another role instead. I’ve been hovering at 90ish plat ever since. I keep sending money to my alts to do crafting. I’ve decided to live the 90 percent speed life and Like it. I just can’t bring myself to do daily quests or farm for stuff to sell in the AH. Who needs to drive fast and take chances anyway? 🙂

    • Actually, I debated getting my fourth role, since I had it in mind to get it since forever but still haven’t bought it 😛 I held off once again when I saw how close I was to getting my swift mount, I figure I’ve already waited long enough to make a tank role, I can wait a little longer. That’s definitely going to be my next big purchase though, I’m doomed to be poor forever 😛

  5. Nice SS! What Video Card are you sporting in your gaming machine?

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