All’s Fine In Telara

August 12, 2011

Control your pet, Mage, or I'll do it for you.

I thought perhaps it’s time for an update on what I’m playing, because I wouldn’t be a very good “MMOGamerChick” if I didn’t play MMOs, would I? At this time, there are a few titles on my plate, but this summer has been all about Rift. Mostly because the devs at Trion are on the ball when it comes to frequent updates and constantly adding content.

Also, my husband’s interest in the game seems to have been renewed ever since I got him a new gaming rig for his birthday early last month. I can’t blame the guy for really getting into it again, now that he’s no longer playing on the old laptop and dealing with lagtastic combat and turned-down graphics that look like ass. It’s a whole different game once you go from “low” to “ultra”.

And as anyone who is one half of a gaming couple knows, wherever your spouse goes, you go. Still, I draw the line at being his pocket healer whenever he feels like going on one of his all-night chain Expert-T1-T2 grinding binges, so I instead settled for transferring my Rogue alt from Estrael back to Faeblight, in order to level with his new Mage.

What’s amazing to me is this new partnership is more formidable than I could have ever imagined, perhaps offering even more survivability than our past combo of Healer Cleric/Tank Warrior. With me going Marksman with some Bard elements, and him going Elementalist/Chloromancer, we essentially have two tanks and enough incidental healing to keep us all up until the end of all time. Not surprisingly, the levels have been racing by at an absurd pace.

If there’s one thing I’m looking forward to, it’s heading into Moonshade Highlands. It’s a beautiful zone, but for some reason we traded all its lushness and green for the Droughtlands on our first time through Telara. Silly us. In any case, it’s always a treat to be able to quest in a zone I’ve never done.


  1. “And as anyone who is one half of a gaming couple knows, wherever your spouse goes, you go.”

    Ah, that explains why Angela and I aren’t married. We (almost) never play the same game!

    • That was said tongue in cheek but you have no idea how lucky you are 😛 Don’t get me wrong, I like playing with the mister, but things like spousal leveling contracts can be a huge pain especially when one of you wants to play something and the other wants to play something else!

      • I could really see that being true! Well, I guess in my case then having my SO much more interested in Dungeon Crawlers, and I in MMOs, it does have the advantage that we don’t have to synchronize progression at all.

        …We may end up wrestling over Diablo III though…

      • Heh heh, I’ll get first dibs with Diablo III, thank god the mister and I have already established that 😛

  2. If it weren’t for a certain Gametest I’d still be playing Rift. The game world is one of the best in the genre. Rift is loaded with more bells and whistles than even the most mature MMOs. I also loved the PvP design. In the end I just don’t have the time to play two MMOs. When Skyrim, and Deus Ex, Battlefield 3,Space Marine and whatever else I’ve preordered come out, I’m SCREWED!

    • At the beginning of this post, what I really wanted to write was “At this time, there are a few titles on my plate, but this summer has been all about Rift (at least when it comes to games I can talk about).” 😛

  3. I imagine it is much better! And that was certainly nice of you to get him a gaming system for his birthday…Yay!

    Anyway, I will admit that the graphics engine for the game is a bit poorly optimized and sometimes requires a bit of tweaking, but once you find that sweet spot for your system that will get you smooth play and nice graphics, it is indeed much better than dumbing everything way down.

    • Yeah, and Rift is one of those MMOs where the difference between lower settings and higher settings is REALLY noticeable.

  4. Ja, the Rift graphics engine almost melted down my GPU before I got a driver update (which then caused stability issues for a while, before I got it all cleaned up).

    All in all though, I enjoy the leveling contract I have with @sctrz. We’ll argue over the funniest things in retrospect. With a Justicar/Marksman combo, I end up both Tank and Healer while she is all about the DeePS. Which can lead to character existence failure if I get overwhelmed. “Why did you let me die!” “Because I was dead 5 seconds ago!”

    A Hunter/Elementalist combo would have insane survivability. I wish we’d had to the foresight to combo our metal-armored toons and our organic-armored toons.

    • Oh yeah, sounds like me and Mr. GC. One of us is usually the healer though, because I like tanky classes when leveling up and he always ends up playing a class that complements mine even though I always insist on him just playing what he wants to play. Yeah, it leads to many instances of “What the hell, I thought you were holding aggro!” and “The hell I was, I’m not in the right spec, and I thought you were healing!” Haha, good times. Great thing about this marksman/elementalist combo is that neither of us is really the tank or healer, we’re both DPS but have enough tanky elements in our pets and incidental healing abilities to keep us alive. Good show, Rift.

  5. Is TOR beta an ongoing beta now or is it still one where you’re invited for ~5 days and then hope to get invited again down the road?

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