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Another Fan Art Piece

April 8, 2010

Recently, I wrapped up a long-term art project that I had been working on for months. Its completion is going to give me time to do a little of my own stuff, at least until the client decides to saddle me with another big commission anyway. I want to take this opportunity to get working on something featuring my Star Trek Online character T’Androma and maybe a few members of her crew. A proper pin-up piece this time, not just a few random sketches. I might not be able to write great fan-fiction like other bloggers, but I have other creative outlets!

Anyway, I do this after every project: go through my stuff and gather up anything that needs to be scanned so I can do it all in one big go. In doing so, I came across another MMO-related drawing that I had lying around (which needed a re-scan), and I thought I would share here.

This is my World of Warcraft druid Caylinn, and it was done in early fall of last year, right around the time I stopped playing the game. We had been raiding Ulduar and had just started doing a little of Trial of the Crusader. I posed her with Journey’s End, which I ascertained was the coolest looking staff in the game even though there were better ones out there stat-wise. Of course, armor in WoW is always about looking ridiculously huge and awesome, and not about being realistic or practical. The damn Tier 9 model for the spaulders in the druid armor set is no exception. This made it extremely difficult for me to make them work in this pose (at least this wasn’t the male version…if it had been, forget it). I did the best I could, but unfortunately it still makes her shoulders look a bit hunched.

I tried to keep the lines as clean as possible and refrained from any shading, because one day I hope to get around to coloring this piece.

Note: Caylinn is also in a drawing on my About page if anyone is interested in seeing more of her.