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Out Of The Shire — Finally!

April 20, 2010

It’s been a while since we last heard from Kiskadee, so I think it’s high time to check in on her and see what she’s been up to. I remember someone telling me that it doesn’t take long to get a Lord of the Rings Online character to level 20, at the most a day or two. Well, it’s taking me longer than that. A LOT longer.

Granted, I haven’t been spending every waking moment in LOTRO on account of 1) the great weather we’ve been having, 2) playing an Age of Conan alt with my husband and 3) Star Trek Online dailies. But over the last week I’ve put in a good three of four evenings into leveling my Hobbit Minstrel, and am still just now at level 16. Am I doing something wrong? Or has playing postman and carrying spoiled pies all over the damn zone been messing with my sense of time?

The hero shot: standing alone in a field of flowers with a determined, faraway look in my eyes.

Despite my slow progress, I did enjoy my time in The Shire. It’s beautiful, and even the most annoying of delivery quests was charming in its own little way. But it’s time to move on. Tonight, I’ll be getting ready to leave the the cozy bosom of the Shire to venture into the bigger world beyond. My next stop is Bree, and I for one am looking forward to meeting Strider at the Prancing Pony inn. Ugh, I was 16 years old during the lead-up to the Fellowship of the Ring movie craze, and I remember having like the maddest crush on Aragorn. Gotta love it when games bring back embarrassing memories like that. Well, at least it wasn’t Legolas.

Anyway, it’s been jolly good fun, fellow hobbits! But while I’d love to stay and play and do all your other cutesy activities, I, Kiskadee, have got more important things to take care of. Adventure awaits!